On Instagram, I asked you what rapid-fire questions you wanted me to ask my Functional Medicine doctor, Dr. Villanueva.

Oh yes, the Queen, the mastermind, the EXPERT who helped heal my gut issues last year– Dr. Villanueva of Modern Holistic Health!

This woman has been on TV shows, documentaries, podcasts, you name it… she is widely recognized. Specifically with her work in balancing female hormones, gut health, autoimmune disorders, Type II diabetes, neurochemical imbalances, and genetic defects.

She has also helped me TREMENDOUSLY with my reoccurring UTIs (I was born with a messed up bladder, unfortunately. It’s been a real pain, literally, my entire life.)

She has been a Godsend to me. And guess what? Her office is VIRTUAL– so anyone in the U.S can see her! (Read more about Dr. V here.)

As promised, I asked her the questions that were sent in by y’all on Instagram! I couldn’t get to all of them, but thankfully many were repeats and there is a lot of diversity in what was asked! I myself learned a lot from Dr. V’s answers. We got to a bunch of them!


***Remember- she won’t go into detail. These are rapid-fire!

Is working out okay for those with Hashimoto’s?
Yes, but not a hard workout. Everyone needs to be moving their bodies. High intensity is not good when chronically ill.


Any tips for a recently diagnosed celiac? (Besides avoiding gluten.)
Avoid dairy and sugar as well.


What foods should you avoid if you are acne-prone?
Avoid gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods.


Best tips for balancing hormones after getting off of birth control?
Complete the Standard Process 30-day food-based detox. It’s amazing for balancing hormones. Remember that foods and toxins create hormone imbalances.

Reach out to the team to find out where you can purchase the Standard Process detox program. Website here.


Best place to start with gut repair?
Start with switching over to an anti-inflammatory gut repair diet. Eliminate foods that cause irritation.


What do you think of the Copper IUD?
If your body is healthy before getting the copper IUD, you’ll be able to better gauge how it works for you. Better able to gauge how you feel. The copper IUD is better than Mirena IUD.


What’s the most beneficial way to get probiotics? Pill vs. Liquid. With or without food?
The best way to get probiotics is in your food. If you’re taking a probiotic, a soil-based one is best. It doesn’t matter with or without food. But keep in mind, if you’re eating processed foods with a probiotic- you’ll be killing off the probiotic. Usually we recommended a probiotic at night before bed.


If you can’t get organic vegetables, are non-organic vegetables better than no vegetables?
You should still get the vegetables but be mindful of detoxification and fully rinsing them off. Keep in mind, you can get organic produce through imperfect produce. (Very easy service.)


Quick tips for a candida diet?
Be consistent with a candida diet. Cheating even one time will feed the candida that you’re trying to kill. Get tested so you know if you’re making progress. The spit test is pretty accurate.


How bad is getting only 6 hours of sleep? Will it really wreak havoc on your body in the long term?
Genetically everyone is made differently. Some people can function on 6 hours. However, the majority of people genetically need 7-8 hours of sleep.


Are you a fan of fasting?
I am! Fasting can be great for certain individuals at certain times. Genetically, we can look to see who would really benefit from fasting.


Any diets for post-cancer?
Working with a functional doctor can really make a difference with getting cancer to stay away. You need help regenerating the good cells too, not just the cancer cells. You should have a major look at mitochondrial function.


What’s a good replacement for Xanax at night?
Don’t stop your Xanax without having your doctor work with you. There are things that can be done, but the root cause needs to be addressed. Benzos are highly addictive.


What is an important supplement to take when getting off of birth control?
You need an effective food-based diet. I’d recommend the Standard process 30-day detox. You need to get all the synthetic hormones out and then fill your pantry with the healing nutrients. Let your body reset. It could take 2-3 months for your hormones to recalibrate.


What do you say to the people who think Lymes Disease and Fibromyalgia are all in the head?
It’s absolutely not true and find yourself another doctor. Those are alarm symptoms telling you something is wrong.


Thoughts on nightshades?
Nightshades are good for you. However, if you have certain health issues, or need to do gut repair work- then no nightshades.


Does collagen really work?
Collagen is great. Many benefits from consuming it. It can have a side effect of reducing serotonin- so if you start to feel symptoms related to serotonin deficiency, take that into consideration.


Is botox terrible?
Any functional medicine doctor will tell you don’t put a toxin in your body- if you choose to put it in your body, understand the risks. If you have autoimmune issues, don’t do botox. Instead, try Fraxel laser or Co2 laser. Also consider using clean face cleansers or moisturizers with glycolic acid in them or having your facialist do regular glycolic acid peels on your face.


What are depression nutrition deficiencies you often notice?
B6, B12, Folate, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and many amino acids. This can be because they’re not absorbing it or they have a leaky gut. Another reason is they just may not be consuming it enough. A genetic issue is also possible- this is very common among Caucasians.


Thoughts on eggs?
Eggs are a great food. They’re loaded with great cholesterol that we need. Some people have IGG sensitivity to eggs and need to stay away until the gut is fixed. If you have a viral or gut issue- stay away from eggs.

Thank you so much, Dr. Villanueva! I highly recommend setting up a phone call with her or at the very least- signing up for her newsletter. It is chock FULL of incredible, useful information.