Okay. I firmly believe that APRICOT OIL is one of the best kept secrets on the beauty market. And noooo no no this is not sponsored. Just passionate about it.

You guys know I am *OBSESSED* with skincare. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve invested in researching. How much money I have spent. The time I’ve given to pamper the crap out of my skin. I don’t mess around.

My goal is to age as gracefully as possible. My preference is for more natural products- but really what I care about is what works. So if it’s not “natural” but holy-shiz-does-it-work then hell yeah I’m going with that option. I’m pretty hippy dippy… but not 100%. (Apricot oil is natural P.S… in it’s pure form.)

Another thing, I hate needles. Hate them. Like I was the kid who was TWELVE and still had to sit on my Mom’s lap when I got a shot. My parents used to argue about who had to take me next. Truthfully- I’m only a little better now at 29. I’m a baby about shots. They scare me so much. Long story short- I want to abstain from Botox as long as possible because of that. Also because it’s expensive AF. By the way, I may never do Botox at all- I think wrinkles are also their own kind of beautiful. We’ll see down the road.

SO ANYWAY. I take damn good care of my skin. And when I find the real diamonds that have worked for me and other people, I want to share them with you.

Apricot Oil (Prunus armeniaca to be exact– and yes you should consult scientific names! Make sure you’re not getting scammed…..) Apricot oil IS a DIAMOND.

Let me tell you about it. It’s an oil. It’s light. Barely ANY fragrance. It absorbs faster than most oils. It doesn’t make you break out. It didn’t on my skin, or a handle of my friends. It’s highly agreeable with different kinds of skin. Seems like peoples of the internet say the same thang. 😉 Probably because it’s so pure!

It’s pressed from an apricot kernel or pit. Science seems to agree that it’s main punch is how SOOTHING it is. Think, making tired skin look perked up. Red skin toned down. Face just feeling “fresh.” That’s what it does for ya. Even Paula’s Choice (which I don’t always agree with) backs apricot oil here and here.

Here’s why I also love Apricot oil: It’s so great for taking off makeup. And it’s like a one-two-three punch product. Takes off your makeup. Nourishes while doing it as opposed to stripping away natural oils. And keeps you moisturized after.

I literally will smear it all over my face for maybe 20 seconds, and then an additional 20 seconds around my eyes (gently!) Then I’ll either splash my face with water and blot dry with a towel OR I’ll just wipe the remains up with a makeup wipe. Sometimes I’ve even just tissue it off dry if I didn’t have super heavy eye makeup on.

Often, I prefer “cleaning” my face with oil because I feel it really does get rid of the layer of product on your face- while at the same time not stripping your natural oils, like a lot of cleaners will do. The more moisturized you keep your skin… the less wrinkles. Just saying. Oil is a game changer if you’re cool with the process of using it /texture/feel of it on your skin and feel you don’t break out from it. (<—Most won’t from apricot oil.)

AFTER I will apply another layer of apricot oil. And sleep in that. Maybe some serum after if I’m feeling it. But definitely some oil. I go back and forth between apricot oil and Rosehip oil. Which makes sense perhaps… as apricots are actually in the ROSE family– nerd fact for ya.

Don’t get my started on rosehip!!! You know I’m obsessed with that too.

I think the important part for seeking out the best apricot oil would be to:

1- Find a brand that is certified organic.
2- A product under the name Prunus Armeniaca. And nothing else in it. No fillers or water.
3- Comes in a package where little to no sunlight gets in (like a dark or matte bottle) and also makes sure little oxygen gets to it when you open it.

The brand I am using right now is by Better Shea Butter. I love this company. The price is on point and they completely meet my criteria and I love the results I’ve had: which is refreshed and “happier” skin whenever I use it.

And lastly– I do love this combination as of late. It has the Dr. Hauschka toner that was in the Whole Foods beauty bag that Radhika talked about (phenomenal products for what was arguably one of the best value beauty buys I’ve ever seen, thank you Rad!) Anyway- sometimes now I’ll spritz it all over (face, neck, chest) before putting on the oil.

So whose been using apricot oil or whose going to try it!? Comment with any additional questions ladies, this stuff is the BEST. 🙂

Katey Yurko
Katey || INFP || Founder/Director of Violet Fog ||

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Katey Yurko

Katey || INFP || Founder/Director of Violet Fog ||

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  1. Lauren Seely

    I use Dr. Hauschka toner religiously! love love, why couldn’t I have gotten it on sale lol

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      It’s so refreshing!! I’d definitely pay regular price for it in the future. Thanks for chiming in Lauren!!


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