One of the VF writers, Sandra Aziz, had told us she was doing the Arbonne cleanse and agreed to write about the whole thing! And nope… not sponsored. Literally ZERO connection with the company. Just a funny, relatable, and informative read by your new VF homegirl! She left no stone unturned. Read Sandra’s hilarious Part 1 HERE.

So it’s been a month since I set out on this journey to find myself, to find the meaning of life and my purpose on this planet. JK! All I did was do a detox challenge but seriously on some days, it felt that way!

Let’s recap PART ONE: we explored the pros and cons of the Arbonne challenge, researched if the product was safe and what the cleanse entailed and set out on an adventure to discover if it would make me look like Eva Mendes.

How I started on the right footing?

Well, when my package arrived, I inventoried everything so I knew how exactly what I was working with: protein powders ✓, fiber ✓, digestive enzymes ✓, 7 day detox cleanse ✓, tea ✓ and fizzy stick ✓ . Then I made a daily schedule that I knew I was realistic. Ex: use this many scoops of this product at this hour of everyday. Next…I made a grocery list! Every cleanse has it’s own restrictions — and I seriously felt like I had to cut EVERYTHING out (dairy, soy, gluten, anything non-organic, air…), so my first list literally read “organic lettuce”. YAWN!
If you are like me and have a hard time staying motivated and basically foam at the mouth every time someone invites you out to dinner, you need motivation check points! I mentioned in part 1 that my friend was doing the cleanse with me. While that’s true, I needed more. So I suckered 10 people at my job to take part in a weight loss challenge. We all put in $10 and whoever lost the most weight got all the money. BAM!


Did you all know that Trader Joe’s has a plethora of foods that are gluten-free, soy-free, and organic. This was a complete shock to me since I have always hit the frozen food isle, the alcohol isle then the cash register. THANK YOU grocery gods because my grocery list went from “organic lettuce” to an extensive list where I was cooking something I actually liked every evening! So I had a protein shake for breakfast, a seriously big fat lunch, and a small snack and protein shake for dinner; all with tea and water in between meals.

Here’s the kicker…brace yourselves… I was NEVER ever ever hungry. I seriously had to FORCE myself to eat something for dinner or have a protein shake after work. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? The shakes were my favorite part of the whole thing. I mean, have you all tried regular protein powder? Don’t they make you want to VOM? These actually taste really frickin’ good! The vanilla was way too sweet so honestly I never used it (if someone in the Bay Area wants the full bag, hit me up and it’s yours!). But I drowned myself in the chocolate protein powder because… well a girl just loves her some chocolate. And all I needed to do was add water! That’s it! And it seriously tasted great!

The 7 day cleanse… this falls on the third well of the 4 week challenge. You mix the contents of the packet into water and drink it all day and it’s supposed to cleanse your system. And by cleansing your system, did they mean straight up laxatives in that packet? Because that’s really what it felt like!! And honestly when mixed with water, it tasted like warm soy sauce. So gross! I did it and finished it and hated myself for it all at the same time.

AUTHOR UPDATE**** Since doing the cleanse, I learned that the 7 day cleanse contains products listed under Proposition 65–which in California is a list of products that have been found to dangerous if consumed or inhaled at certain levels. The products they are referring to in the 7 day cleanse are carrots, rhubarb and other root vegetables that possibly “naturally” have absorbed lead which “naturally” occurs in the soil. Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but if there’s lead in the soil, isn’t it contaminated?! My friend who looked into it found that the warning seems to only appear if you are purchasing in California where it’s required that products be labeled if there’s a contaminant in it. 

The tea: BLEH! I could not tolerate the taste! Which is saying a lot because I am not a coffee drinker because I love tea so much! The trick? Add the flavored fizzy sticks to the tea! That way your tea either tastes like pomegranate or orange!!

How I felt during the challenge?

Remember how in part 1 I discussed how this was my biggest concern? Constantly feeling so bleh and like a blob? The result is most likely due to my significant decrease in the number of meals I was eating a day and because I was no longer having Indian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner… BUT I felt GREAT! I felt light and FRESH and honestly so full of ENERGY! It was amazing.

HOWEVER, because I was never ever hungry and was always either drinking a protein shake or tea, I barely drank water. So I felt extremely dehydrated! I seriously didn’t even notice it until I started getting light headed!! NOT GOOD! So I cut out the tea component of the cleanse for the last couple of weeks and just focused on drinking water!!

How I felt AFTER the challenge?

Honestly, I felt awesome! I lost 18 pounds! Seriously, no lie. I was so full of energy and like I could fit into my cute clothes again!

BUT once I tried to eat gluten… holy gas. I had stripped my body completely of a product for a full month and has become intolerant to it. They tried to explain it as me finally learning that I was intolerant, but that was CRAP! I had caused the intolerance all on my own and now, I have to take digestive enzymes every time I eat a heavier meal to help.

So here’s what I suggest:

I wholeheartedly believe that our bodies need to be cleansed every once in a while. We need to rid it of toxins and junk that accumulates over time. But we have to be smart about it. Cleanses that promote just drinking juice for 7 days are NOT healthy. You are depriving your body of nutrients that it needs to stay functional. Cleanses that encourage you to cut out food groups are NOT healthy. Our bodies need all food groups in moderation for fuel and energy expenditure. Surely these are all great ways to lose weight quickly, however unless you maintain the lifestyle, you will very quickly re-gain the weight you lost and I’m sure that is not what we want!

Arbonne certainly gave me a jump start in feeling better and learning that I am totally capable of being healthier and losing weight! I mean I LOST 18 POUNDS! But I now know that I need to be smarter about how I choose to lose weight. Lawd knows that I ain’t looking to not have pasta and pizza for the rest of my life! That would be no way to live! 

The best part: I won the weight loss challenge at work and this girl is $100 richer. BOOYAH!

My before pic:
Arbonne Detox Review1

My after pic:


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Sandra Aziz
Senior Writer || Pharmacist || ESFJ || Awkward turtle who loves to read, eat, travel and talk incessantly about tv and music.

About The Author

Sandra Aziz

Senior Writer || Pharmacist || ESFJ || Awkward turtle who loves to read, eat, travel and talk incessantly about tv and music.

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  1. Rad // The Snobby Foodie

    Congrats on the weight loss & health gains.

    And thank you SO much for saying this: “Cleanses that promote just drinking juice for 7 days are NOT healthy. You are depriving your body of nutrients that it needs to stay functional. Cleanses that encourage you to cut out food groups are NOT healthy. ”

    It’s really important to acknowledge that your body needs all macromolecules: carbs, protein, and fats. It’s important to educate ourselves on what is truly healthy vs unhealthy. Great article!

    • June

      You definitely eat while on the cleanse. The 7 day cleanse is mixed in 32oz water on top of another 32oz plain water. Drinking this thoughout the day while having shakes and full wholesome meal for dinner. Definitely don’t have to cut out a whole food type, you avoid some and replace with a healthier alternative. Remove white carbs, replace with brown rice, quinoa, gluten free bread 🙂 etc. No dairy (milk) replace with almond Milk. 🙂

    • Jess

      The Body Cleanse that ARBONNE has now is Lemon/Ginger flavoured and tastes like lemonade. You are also meant to eat as you would during the 3 Days Program and not FAST! Also, you should be drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day to be healthy. So if you weigh 200 pounds you should drink 100 ounces of water per day. Typically we drink 8 oz of water per day and wonder why we aren’t healthy! I hope you’ve continued on with the products! I’ve lost 36 pounds not doing any exercise over the past few months!

  2. Dana

    Congrats on your huge accomplishment! Would you mind sharing where you purchased the detox package, and some good resources for recipes while you are detoxing? Thanks!

      • Doralee Jacobson

        I’d like more info on the arbonne cleanse — where to purchase it? Thank you

      • Nikki

        H Sandra. Many thanks for sharing your experiences and opinion. I’m a vegetarian and am concerned that the vegetarian meal recipes are LAME. Can you share some? The smoothies seem easy and not my particular challenge – it’s the meals…


    • Rebekah Drennon

      Hey Dana!

      This might be a stretch (3 years lol), but they have changed the taste of the 7-day cleanse and it honestly just feels like you’re drinking lemonade 🙂

      I just started a round of the 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge, and I have to say Arbonne has upped their game.

      If you would like more info on their changes, or are interested in the products, I would be more than willing to speak with you.

  3. Sandra

    Haha stay tuned! It’s coming soon to an article near you 😉

    • shelly

      I would really love to see an after pic of you wearing the same clothes as in your before pic!

    • Sandra

      Hi Dana, I walk to and from work. About 40 minutes each way but nothing more intense than that! Seriously a lazy girl problem.

    • Sandra

      We never posted an after pic!! My goodness. *me trying to scroll through my pictures to find a full length one of me around the time I finished the cleanse* eek! working on it now!!

  4. Teresa Lewis

    I am glad you liked the detox plan. I keep some chocolate protein powder on hand. I have it for lunch at least 3 or 4 times a week. I am doing the 30 day detox now (my 4th time in 3 years), the rest of the time I follow the blood type diet.

    Great article!

  5. Lo

    Actually you aren’t supposed to only drink the juice for the 7 day cleanse, you should be keeping up with mostly eating fruits and vegetable and a daily protein in your diet along with sipping the juice all day! But I do loooove arbonne and their products really really do kickstart a healthier lifestyle. love love love.

  6. Cheryl Jackson

    I am an independent consultant with Arbonne. I love the products and the company. It is the best Network Marketing company with the best compensation plan I have ever seen. It has been around 37 years now and is in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Poland and Taiwan. Next year it will be in Germany. If anyone is interested in trying the products, or maybe the business, please let me know. (530) 693-0866

  7. Hannah

    I was thinking about starting this cleanse, but I’m still pretty unsure about it. Any chance I could get more information from you about it before I decide whether to try it out or not(recipes used, the aftermath of the cleanse)?

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Hey Hannah! Sandra said she was going to do the cleanse again eventually. So she liked it! There is a also a part 1 to this series- just search “Arbonne detox” and you’ll see the articles associated with it on Violet Fog. 🙂

    • Jennifer Woods

      Hey Hannah, I’m hosting a gang of people who are all doing the program together starting Oct 2. It’s all done via a private FB group. The more the merrier of you’d like to join in the fun. We share, inspire, motivate and hold one another accountable. to reach me. I can also share some more info on the program if you’d like. Cheers!

  8. Sabira


    Great article. I’m an Independent Consultant with Attached in the UK. Swear by the products (particularly the nutrition). If anyone wants to get in touch with any queries, feel free to email me

  9. Tanya

    Thanks for the review. I am considering doing this detox. I was unclear at the end of your writeup if you do suggest the cleanse or a different one since you found out you cannot tolerate gluten?

  10. Jennifer Woods

    I love the non-biased perspective. It’s great to hear it went well. The key is that she did the program as it was designed (at least that’s how she positions it) which will give the best results. A lot of people don’t follow it and then say it didn’t work for them. But following the guidelines is just common sense, right? I don’t think she was saying she only drank the 7 day cleanse product for the entire 3rd week. That’s certainly not the design of the program and she would absolutely be hungry. It’s not intended to be a meal repelacement. You should continue to follow the plan with shakes, clean meals, Fizzies, tea, etc through the cleanse week. Just think of it as an additional product.
    The last thing I’ll say, because it’s NOT a fact and I want to make sure people don’t take what she said as gospel (a few might), removing something from your diet DOES NOT create intolerance (by the way, I checked with my holistic nutritionist and she confirmed my thoughts). This simply is not factual information. She said she had no gluten intolerance until she did the program and that all of a sudden she did. But she also said she felt amazing, had a lot of energy and lost 18 pounds during the program when she was not eating gluten. Once the eliminated foods were reintroduced she started to feel bad. Let’s just say, that’s probably not a coincidence. Everyone’s body is different but it’s not fair to say that the program created the intolerance. I suppose it’s possible but mmmmm not likely.
    I did the program January 2016 and lost 7lbs but the most notable thing was the energy I gained. I’ve learned so many great eating habits and what foods to avoid. I continued on the maintenance program (basically everything except the cleanse) and lost an additional 8lbs the next month. I still feel fantastic and have maintained the high energy!
    I’m hosting a gang of people to do the program with me starting October 2nd so feel free to reach out if you’d like to join us. We have a private FB group to share, encourage and inspire one another to stick with it and who doesn’t love a good positive community?! You can reach me at or find me on Facebook Jennifer Woods from Toronto. Cheers to Healthy Living!

  11. Sonya Bansal

    Hello Sandra,
    I got a lot of motivation on detoxing body after reading this post!
    Do you used to exercise during this detox program?
    If yes what is the required minimum time?
    Results seems so satisfying so I am planning to do this detoxification on me.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Viji Seshadri

      Hi Sonya, I saw your post here and wanted to see if you have already started this through an independent consultant with Arbonne? If you are looking to do this and have not contacted a consultant, I will be very happy to help you! Please contact me at
      Thanks, Viji

  12. Mona

    I am doing the 30 day cleanse right now and have never felt better! Arbonne has a great plan that is safe and effective. Try it today with

  13. Ellynne

    Sandra — Thanks for your 2 articled. A couple o’ Qs…
    • How much of the original 18 pounds did you keep off after you completed the program?
    • Did you continue to eat healthy after your finished the cleanse?
    • If you gained weight back, how quick did that happen once you stopped doing the 30-day program.
    I want reality, because honestly, what person that loves food can survive on 2 protein shakes every day indefinitely?

    Thanks again for your feedback!

  14. Amy Pickens

    LOVE these two articles!!! Great read for anyone thinking about doing this cleanse!!!

  15. Dani

    Why are your before and after pics in very different clothes and why didn’t you lose weight in the face? Why do we need to cleanse once in a while when that’s what our liver and kidneys do every second of every day? How could you “honestly, be so full of energy when you’re dehydrated? (you are aware of how stupid that is right??). Where in the body do toxins accumulate?

    • MB

      This is a late response, but have you done the cleanse, Dani? I have been an elite athlete for many years on my life and never cared about the foods that I ate because I was going to lose the weight/burn the calories rather quickly. After I graduated college I did the cleanse and topped working out to give my body recovery time and I felt great. Of course, I maintained my water intake because I have always done that but do hate on someone who “honestly” is so full of energy is just wrong. Because it’s true, with this cleanse you’re boosting your metabolism and you’re feeding it energy based on the shakes and foods you are giving yourself. Having two shakes a day has been more filling than most foods I have eaten in my life time AND they don’t make you feel bloated. You feel full and refreshed. Detoxing your body [on top of what the liver and kidneys do for you daily] is a faster and better way for you to become cleaner. You are giving your body what it needs in order to HELP our kidneys and liver do their job. It’s just an add-on to what is already being done. Everything accumulates in your intestine– your small intestine is where things get broken down and if it doesn’t break down it is started in your large intestine. As far as this lady losing weight in her body and not her face, that is all based on your own genes. I lose weight in my face and my chest before I lose weight in my stomach/thighs. Weight loss takes time, if she had done the detox longer or maintained he healthy foods she was feeding her body for longer period of time, she would lose weights in other areas.

      In regards to her before and after photos, she stated that she forgot to take an after photo and she had to go through her photos on her phone to find a full-body photo that was taken “around” the time that the cleanse ended.

      Again, sorry for commenting on this so late, but it bothered me that you bashed this lady for feeding herself healthier meals and for feeling more energized? She clearly wasn’t bullshitting on this, it’s simply her own blog based on her experience. Was not an ad to try Arbonne at all.

      • MB

        Dang it. I misspelled things: I stopped* working out, it is stored* in your large intestine,

  16. Viji Seshadri

    I am in love with how the 30 days to Healthy Living and Beyond is making me feel already and I am in the midst of the program! It is so good for those with busy lives, and still want to eat healthy! We give the support system through our private facebook group.
    I would love for you to reach out to me so we can do this together!!! We are starting a new round with prep week on March 1st.!!!! Get in touch with me with info below!!!

    • sj

      I am very late to this party, but I’m just researching now if i should or shouldn’t do the 30 days to living. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  17. Viji Seshadri

    I am an independent consultant with Arbonne!!! I totally love the products and the company. It is the best Network Marketing company with the best compensation plan I have ever seen. It has been around 38 years now and is in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Poland and Taiwan apart from our USA!!! Later this year it will be in Germany as well!!! As an Independent Consultant with Arbonne you can do business in any of these 8 countries (eventually in all countries, we are slowly but surely getting to all countries)!!! I would love for anyone who is interested in trying the products, or maybe the business, please let me know. You can email me at!!!

  18. Cherie

    Interested in samples and in the business aspect as well would love ke to learn more!

    Thank you!

    • Db

      Hey Cherie! If you send me an email I can give you some feedback and info 🙂 i did the cleanse in January and lost 12 lb during the cleanse – and kept the weight off nearly 3 months later! My email is

  19. Laurin Soupal

    I am interested in doing this cleanse but I’m worried that after the cleanse I’ll gain all the weight back. But I don’t want to buy the maintenance package after (I’m in college I can hardly afford the actual cleanse). Has anyone successfully done this cleanse and kept the weight off?

    • Db

      Yes, I completed it two months ago and have kept the weight off so far. The recipes and support group are awesome and I continue to cook the recipes often!

  20. Martha Sanusi

    I am an Arbonne consultant and, like you, don’t enjoy drinking the Vanilla alone. Here’s a trick though. Mix the two together. That’s the very best combo in my opinion. The chocolate alone is a bit too rich for me. If anyone is considering doing the 30 day program and would like a sample of the protein powder, you can reach me here:

  21. Stephanie

    I just recently became a consultant for Arbonne and currently doing the 30 day cleanse! I agree with a lot of this article! Arbonne just launched a new 7 day cleanse that is a lemon ginger and it is delish! I’m 2 weeks and 1 day into the cleanse and have lost a little over 7lbs. I was that big to begin with…5’6 and started at 138.8lbs and I’m down to 131.4. I’m loving it so far and feel so much better and have way more energy. If anyone wants to know more please contact me!

  22. Rebecca McBride

    Love this story, it made me chuckle on the train! I’m also working for Arbonne as an independent consultant. I’m planning to start my 30 days to healthy living program next week – I’m a bit scared but super excited to see the results. I also work as a Dietitian so have looked into the pros and cons of the plan and overall agree with the concept. If anyone wants to do it with me, we can support and motivate each other! Send me an email:

  23. Patty Bozick

    My daughter, who is an Arbonne Consultant and has done the cleanse twice, convinced me to do the 30 Day cleanse. I just finished my 30 days and feel great! I was hesitant at first, but decided to go with it and I must say that I am glad that I did. My co-worker and family members are telling me how good I look. I have not gotten on the scale yet, but I can tell the difference. I convinced my co-worker to do the cleanse as well and she is now in her first week. I will be supporting her and keeping her motivated. I plan to continue to watch my diet and will continue with the shakes, Detox tea and Fizz sticks.

    • Ana

      omg. How awesome! If you don’t mind me asking how much weight did you loose?

    • Teresa

      but how do you use all the powders. Mine came with a catalog to buy more and a shipping slip. No instructions or anything. I feel like I am now stuck with no idea how to start. Where do you find info on a sample week for someone looking to lose weight?

  24. Rachel Clarke

    I’m starting my 2nd week today was weigh in day…I am so disappointed that I’ve only lost 1lb aftwr a whole week of no sugar, no coffee, no bread wheat pasta, dairy, processed foods, alcohol etc. You would think that the first week should be at least a 3lb weight loss. Anyway, afterspending a lot of money for the products £200+ I am committed to sticking it through for the full 30 days!
    My first week was rough, as I felt agitated, headaches every day up to day 7, and I feel deprived from coffee and certain dairy products like Greek yogurt that I thoroughly enjoy with my berries as a desert.
    I dislike the tea and the fizz sticks and digestion are not great but tolerable. Chocilate and vanilla protien shakes are nice but getting tired of them already. I think whole 30 program is better and cheaper!

  25. Teresa

    Oh my GOODNESS , did I need to read this! I was “persuaded”, for lack of a better word, to try this program. Needless to say its been a week and half and I still cannot find anyone that I can speak with that actually knows how to do this system for weight loss. I got put into some FB group with all skinny people who look like gym dolls and on “maintenance”. meanwhile back home I have a counter top of $400 worth of products – a bunch of powders that I am clueless as to how to use because everything is a powder. Some you use together and some apparently not. Some you shouldn’t consume if longer than 30 min mixed or you implode. I would love some tips if you would please email me?! I seriously have no idea where to start and thank goodness you said trader joes is the place to go. That is my go to for all things “family dinner”.

    • Jessica

      It seems like a misstep that no one explained it to you. I just ordered my 30 day supply today and they went over everything in detail. I was told that I would be put in a Facebook group and we would all have a coach that would walk us through the weeks. I was sent the link to which is just an overview but you should be able to contact your consultant for the breakdown of the days. The powder is to replace two meals and you’re supposed to have one clean meal in addition to that. You’re eating every 3-4 hours and drinking in between. I just went to the meeting today so I’m excited to try it! You can email me if you want at and I can try and put you in contact with my coach if that helps. Best of luck!

    • Nikki

      Hi Teresa,
      I also just ordered my $350 worth of products and was surprised no instructions came with my well packed box of products. So since I’ve been trawling the internet for tips, advice and instructions on how to use the programme effectively. If you find out anything let me know. Today is my first day. Here’s my email if you feel like Sharing tips.
      Good luck!

    • Stephanie

      My daughter returned from Germany and as a gift gave me a box of Arbonne essentials. It includes , fizzy sticks (2), digestion plus dietary supplement ,, herbal detox tea (2), chocalote protein shake powder ,daily fiber boost powder, , and little daily complete vitamin packets and a 7 day body cleanse . No instructions for recommended dietary intake or how much exercise expected. Only after reading these comments did I realize the 7 day cleanse is for the third week. I guessed it would be week one and came to this web page to see if I was to take the supplements during the cleanse or wait until after. I’m glad I googled and learned a bit more. If you locate guidelines or sample diet plan please share with me. I really want get started. Thanks

    • Nadine Mussell

      you should join a facebook group which will have full instructions on their page. I see that a number of people already posted links to their coach, but i am happy to invite you to the group i follow if you like? i did this for the first time in November and lost 16lbs (186lb – 170) I am doing it again through January….

  26. Nora

    Congratulations! Today is my 30th day of the Arbonne cleanse too. I only lost about 3 lbs, but did feel a lot better, lighter and clearer. I lost inches around waist too. I worked out to train for a half marathon, and I’m 53 so I’m competing against nature. I was worried about not having enough energy to train, but it actually made my training easier just by losing the few pounds and possibly for having less to digest. I felt the same about the vanilla shake powder, i.e. too sweet by itself. Every morning I made the days shakes (2 qty). I mixed half vanilla, half chocolate, half water and half unsweetened almond milk, fresh berries, sometimes a teaspoon of almond butter with no sugar and no salt added, sometimes chia seeds, and ice. I belnder and poured them into the GNC blender bottles. I was not really ever super hungry, like you said, and had to sometimes force myself to eat a meal. I did grow to love the shakes rather quickly; I felt like a baby sucking down formula. I didn’t like the taste of the tea either, but I added fresh lemon and that helped, some days I added another clean berry tea bag just to give some flavor. I found the tea to taste better as it was warm or cooler. I skipped the energy fizz sticks, because I didn’t need them although some people do especially if you are going cold turkey on caffeine. I also skipped the fiber boost, although everyone is different. I also noticed that I drank less water, maybe because the shakes filled up my stomach? I sipped the tea throughout the day, but wasn’t as concerned with drinking it, and did like you did by making sure I drank water. The 7-day cleanse that I had didn’t match what you described, maybe they changed it. Mine tasted like crystal light lemonade. It wasn’t great and not bad, I just drank it throughout the day, this also tasted better when it was lukewarm or cool. I fell in love with the fit chews, after my taste buds got acclimated. They reminded me of tootsie rolls, and helped when I craved something sweet at night, by tearing off a little piece and sucking on it. I would recommend it to people, although it is pricey. It helps to have someone coaching you on, but all and all it is doable. I wish Arbonne would make a shake powder that is 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla; and would offer a mixed variety bag of the fit chews; and improve the tea flavor. Arbonne also needs to improve their instructions.

  27. Morgan

    What a great review of the program, I’m so glad you had such an excellent experience! I am an Independent Consultant for Arbonne and would love to help others achieve similar goals! Check out my page if you are interested, or you can message me @mty.method on Instagram! Let’s lock arms and change your life for the better!

  28. Morgan

    Correction to above: — my computer keeps autocorrect things that don’t need it, sorry!!

  29. Mercy

    Email me for more info.

    Would love to get you healthy and Literally this is the article that got me to do the cleanse. I am in day 2:)


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