Okay… so there’s a poet by the name of Atticus. Atticus Poetry. He has almost 268K followers on Instagram. Makes a living through his work. There’s no saying who he actually is because he leaves his identity fairly elusive… but.. the man has a gift with words. And not just in his romance poetry either, you’ll see he’s enchanting (and mature) in his “everyday life” observations as well.

MEN– Addressing you for one second here, should you be reading. Atticus poetry is GREAT if you feel like being sweet (and cheesy) towards your lady– perhaps he poetically worded some things you’ve been feelin’. (Or perhaps not… lol.)

But Ladies, both single and taken.. if you ever need an added touch of romanticism in your life for whatever reason… this Poet can likely give you just that.

Babetown. Here’s some of Atticus’s work. Prepare for your heart to just melt—- like butter on hot bread we kid you not.

Atticus Poetry2
SOOOO sweet. And if that isn’t true then I don’t know what is. ..


Atticus Poetry11
One of greatest gifts you could give someone.

Atticus Poetry19
I can honestly say… every single person I have ever gotten to know on a deeper level than “acquaintance”…. is odd AF. In at least a couple ways. And I absolutely love it.


Atticus Poetry16
He’s got a point… some bridges DO need burning. But cha’ betta be SMART ABOUT IT, ladies! Think it out. Have a plan.

Atticus Poetry21
Something sexy about that… (even though I’m a Grandma half the time. I love my bed. 😛 )


Atticus Poetry5
Holy crap almighty I can’t help but really, really love this.

Atticus Poetry20
Saving and printing for my future son should I ever one!

Atticus Poetry6
Ummm so that couldn’t be more adorable.

Atticus Poetry4
Cute. <3333

Atticus Poetry13
Also cute.


Atticus Poetry17



Atticus Poetry1
I love when guys have an idea in the back of their head about the kind of girl they’d want to fall in love with. 🙂

Atticus Poetry3
Yep! And everyone is weird! *fist bump*

Atticus Poetry
Atticussss… you sweetheart!! lol

Thank you for sharing your work, Atticus. For the beautiful reminders of what can be felt in the heart!

Atticus Poetry:
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