Oooooh baby! Mark YO CALENDAR!
Tuesday. May 23rd. 7-10 pm.
Monroe in North Beach

Katey here. And yes oh yes– this is something we are sticking with because the first one was SO MUCH FUN.

It’s basically a big ass girl’s night where you can come and do whatever you want! Make new friends, network, booze it up with cool people, scope the scene…. maybe win some prizes, walk away with some goodie bags. THAT KINDA THING.

The last one was a blast. A bunch of us even went to bar after and kept the party going!

Friendships were made. Collaborations happened. New brands/companies/concepts were discovered…. I know all this, because y’all have been messaging me. 🙂 So mission accomplished! We wanted a way to connect offline with some of the Violet Fog community and for y’all to get to meet each other and bam! It happened. And it was fabulous.

Powder Shaved Snow was there, the guy’s from SWING SF came and gave free passes to their studio, a girl from Sephora showed up with all these cool cosmetics and beauty products for people… and a BALL was had.

So we SO HOPE you join us for the second one. Come play guys. We want to meet you!

For now, this is a free event. We’re working with companies to bring you guys some extra stuff this time around so keep your eyes open for announcements along the way! This open to ANY and ALL girls who are cool as f*ck. 😉 And are nice. That’s basically it. You don’t have to read the book unless you want to (“Big Little Lies” this time.) Just come have fun and kick it with us! Girl time at it’s finest!

One of our big partners for this event is THE STYLIST LA who is like Rent The Runway but more fun and flirty. They have a cool store front on Union too. They rent dresses and provide a really seamless experience. They’ll be there if y’all want to see the kind of dresses they provide for future needs– like hello wedding and graduation season! We’re super excited to partner with them.

Oh yeah— and the venue, Monroe, is BEAUTIFUL. Supposedly there are some changes from the last time we were there too and I can’t think of how it can get much cuter but we’ll see! Excited to see the changes and it’s always a blast hanging out there. They’ve been so good to Violet Fog. Very much appreciate them. If you haven’t been to Monroe, it’s gorgeous. I can go on and on so I’ll stop! Heh 😉

Now if you want to read the book and feel like discussing it with some peeps while there, the book we chose is BIG LITTLE LIES because everyone and their Mom is raving about the book.

I’ll leave this to Radhika (because I haven’t read it):

When we first picked “Big Little Lies” for our book this month, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super jazzed. I thought it going to be a sort of vapid book about suburban women. Also, HBO made a show on it. Yes, I judged a book by it’s cover. lol. Literally. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished it in 2 days. I really liked it.

Don’t let the cutesy cover fool you. The book takes a realistic look at domestic violence, what it is, and it’s implications. It’s a super juicy read too.

The character development is great. I felt like I actually knew them. Also, the plot is believable. It’s kind of a mix of Pretty Little Liars and Desperate Housewives, but with better content.

If you get the book on Audible, like I did (hehe), the performance is like a movie. The reader does a good job of portraying the personalities of the 3 main characters. If you’ve never tried Audible, your first book is free. Also, if you ever dislike a book (like I have many times), they have a money back guarantee. (We’re not sponsored- I just like Audible.)

Anyway. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT “BOOK CLUB” LADIES! From here on out we’ll use that term loosely haha.

Violet Fog Book Club
Tuesday May 23rd 7-10pm
Monroe in North Beach

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