If there is one hypnotizing, beautifully raw, elegantly informative beauty Instagram account- it is Christina of @beaute.defile.

Christina is a beauty enthusiast and a loud and proud female advocate. She showcases her skincare journey in an intimately personal way- paired with actionable tips and honest reviews. Her photos are mesmerizing. (She has presets that you can purchase here– they are so beautiful!) She also is all about showcasing her skin AS IS. No blurring filters. No covering. She encourages everyone to do this. To be themselves and to stay educated on what they put on their skin.

She’s truly a gem to follow on Instagram. One that you look forward to seeing every day. She interacts with everyone who comments and appears to be someone who is so grateful and down to earth. Her platform is really something.

Her mind is really something.

beaute defile

Please enjoy the girl talk I had with Christina. We touched on beauty myths, ageism, and much more. I was truly inspired speaking with her and definitely picked up some new nuggets of information. I hope the same happens for you!

Katey: Christina! I am so happy to have you on Violet Fog. You are making waves in the beauty industry with your ethereal and romantic images and your honest coverage of brands that work for you and skin issues you encounter. It is so refreshing to hear from someone who is so raw and unfiltered and who genuinely cares about their followers. Tell us how you got into beauty in the first place and what you feel your place in that world is now. You know.. before we get into bigger topics! 😉

Christina: Hey Katey, Thanks for having me! I’m excited to dive in. I got into beauty in my early 20s. As a teenager, I never really wore makeup or did much about skincare other than use moisturizer whenever I remembered. When I turned 21 I started experiencing minor acne which not much later turned into full-on cystic acne. In the past 8 years, I have tried countless skincare products, antibiotics, topical prescriptions, birth control, and other remedies that doctors promised would help me fight acne. It wasn’t until last year that I started to take things into my own hands. After giving up on dermatologists, I took matters into my own hands. I researched and dug really deep into ingredients, diet, hormones, gut health, and learned so much about the human body. At the same time, I adored wearing makeup and have always been fascinated by makeup products, beauty editorials, and artful photography. I wanted to combine my passions and share my journey with the hopes that others can benefit from my experiences. That’s when Beauté Défilé was born. I don’t think I can say what my place is now. It’s not something that’s set and stone, nothing that’s structured or defined. I am just me sharing my experience!


Katey: I think it’s so important that women do their own research and really get to know their bodies and skin when it comes to skincare. We are so used to products and doctors feeding us these false promises, hoping they will work, when often it doesn’t. So much money and time down the drain. Ingredients and diet– that is key. I always say it’s better to know what ingredients are working for you rather than what brands. I am SO happy you were able to find healthy, effective routines for yourself. It inspires others that they to can “take it into their own hands.” And can I say, I am so thankful you post such honest photos of yourself? I myself have ice pick scars from acne (I went on Accutane as a teenager) and when I see others rocking their “scars/imperfections” it makes me feel like I can do the same. More “real life” images are needed these days– would you agree? And what are your thoughts on photoshop and overly filtering?

Christina: Unfiltered and unretouched photos is often a topic I bring up and discuss with my audience (not referring to lighting and such editing). There was a time I couldn’t imagine posting a photo of myself without looking like a wax figure. That’s the norm these days. If you don’t have a filter on, you’re not cool. If you don’t have a filter on, you’re not perfect. Women are forced to believe that skin is supposed to look and feel poreless. Now I wear my scars without even thinking about it. I look at my face and I just see my skin. There’s tons of texture, there are breakouts, there are moles and fine lines. It’s perfect to me! Recently, I upgraded to the new iPhone and I was beyond baffled to discover that they have added software that is built-in to the native camera app that blurs skin. Now automatically every photo I take is smoothed and retouched. I am so upset about this as it’s an important part of my brand to show my skin without any retouching. I really hope they address this, because something like this is going to cause major insecurity issues to women and men alike very very soon. We’re constantly living our lives through retouched photos. It’s not normal.

Katey: YES. Thank you, Christina. I could talk to you about this for hours– the importance of showing what is “real” and celebrating it, not shying away. You are contributing to the world of beauty and skincare by doing this, I promise you. Your audience, me, we take notice. Your rawness, your forgoing of filters- it is one of the main reasons I wanted to have you on Violet Fog and why I feel such an affinity towards you. Too many “skincare” bloggers out there are blurring everything, filtering everything… I’m just not sure who this helps. So thank you.

We’ve talked about the importance of showcasing imperfections. Let’s talk about ageism. I have always found older women to be incredibly beautiful- but media and our society give “older age” a back seat. Hides age. Media and society make us feel that YOUTH is the only thing that is beautiful, and to age is a sin. It’s incredibly unfair. It puts this fear into us as we grow older- and it can start as early as our 20s!

We see this even more pushed on women. I crave seeing more wrinkles, white hair, long-lived bodies in the media. What are your thoughts on ageism? What would you like to see? What gets to you? What has shaped your opinions and thoughts on it? Elaborate in any which way.

Christina: Thank you! I am so glad you recognize that and also embrace it in your own way as well. It’s very important to love the skin you are in, it gives you confidence.

The beauty industry used to be all about age-defying products. I feel like the past 2-4 years we’ve seen a shift to beauty that is targeted more toward the younger generations. I like this shift because I am all about age-prevention. Although it is something natural, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of science and utilize the tools that weren’t available to our elders. Sunscreen is one of the most simple yet most powerful anti-aging tools humans have. I do believe however that there is still a lot of fear-mongering about being older, having wrinkles, or just looking your age. I wish this was different. I absolutely adore seeing older women in campaigns or media in general. I want to see more of that! I know Sephora recently included older ladies in their visuals, and that was so beautiful! Let’s also see older women of color while we are at it.

Who doesn’t want to stay young forever? It’s just not possible! I am definitely all for age prevention, hyaluronic acid fillers for wrinkles, facials, botox, this all helps so much and they’re all ingredients that mesh so well with the skin. As long as you don’t try to change yourself, the way your DNA has determined you’re going to look, then you’re doing a good job. I feel like skincare is an excellent tool to invest in to help you feel like you are taking care of yourself. It’s definitely a coping mechanism for many who are fearful of aging.

Katey: You are so wonderful. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and insight. I really loved when you were honest with your audience about getting fillers. So refreshing. Like– why hide it? Why?? Our body, our confidence, our choice. And yet so many women are “ashamed” of getting work done. As you said, if we can take advantage of science (but also have a healthy perception of aging) then why not utilize it? I too am HUGE on aging gracefully and as slow as possible, and although I’ve yet to try botox or fillers, I know that if I do I will be VERY honest with my audience as well. There’s no shame in it! Absolutely zero. I am grateful for your messaging on that subject. And yes to older women of color! Yes to more diversity in general.

Let’s touch on one more topic- beauty myths. I love that you place such an importance on education and research in your posts. Can you talk about two beauty myths that consistently irk you, that you wish more people were informed on?

Christina: A popular myth is that oily and acne prone skin should look for products that will mattify and get rid of the excess oil. Most seborrheic skin types are actually also dehydrated, which means they crave water. Taking away oil instead of balancing the oil could cause the skin to become reactive. Many of us tend to over-exfoliate and damage the skin-barrier this way. Instead, using hydrating products full of hyaluronic acid, fatty acids, AHAs, and lipids helps keep the skin balanced and actually feel less oily.

One last thing, lately exfoliating has taken a major stand in the beauty industry with companies coming out with exfoliants every other month. Over-exfoliating is very real and can cause serious irritation. It’s something that many women and men fall in the habit of and blame other products for the sudden irritation. Retinoids and tretinoin products can cause serious damage when abused, especially when in combo with exfoliants. Do your research. Less is more!

Katey: Thank you so much, Christina! Absolutely wonderful and meaningful conversation. Appreciate you and your content and of course, I’ll keep rooting you on! #NiceGirlsClub

Where can Violet Foggers find you?

Christina: You can follow me on Instagram @beaute.defile or read my blog at beautedefile.com