Y’all know I loooove to pamper myself. And being in the wellness/beauty world, I do feel an obligation to seek out and test specific services and report back on them- HONESTLY. Candidly. Like no messing around… you know how I like to get down to it and just keep it conversational.

My favorite place in San Francisco is Pacific Plastic Surgery Group. I’ve never had surgery or been injected with anything but I do like to keep up on the latest “non-invasive” procedures. Beauty is upkeep y’all. It’s a job. No other way around it. Just make sure you have a healthy attitude about it. Like knowing perfection doesn’t exist, and not chasing it. Also knowing that no matter WHAT you do- you WILL age. Being cool with that.

THAT SAID- man do I love Pacific Plastic Surgery Group. They are so insanely qualified. Always winning awards. Going above and beyond for their patients. The atmosphere is so approachable. It’s an incredible practice. They are soooo high tech but also conservative. I can’t say enough good things.

My skin GURU there is Alyson Mititieri. She’s a Licensed Aesthetician and has been in the beauty world for over a decade. She has QUITE THE BACKGROUND. Not just working on patients, but in product formulation and research and development. She’s SMART. And caring. And everyone I have sent her to so far is in love. These three services I’m going to tell you about were all suggested by her. I got something beneficial out of all three.

First: ND:YAG laser for broken capillaries under my nose.

Shoutout to Beata Jaron (the PA-C) who performed this on me. She is so skilled! So about this. I have always been a little red under my nose. I think it’s because when I used to get sick all the time when I was younger I would be VERY ROUGH with my nose blowing. Like my nose would be RAW from blowing so hard, no matter how soft the tissue. Just a habit-  I don’t know why I was so aggressive! Just was. Anyway- I wanted to do something about it! The redness.

Now as far as I know, there is not much you can do about broken capillaries except lasers. Lasers really kill them. My nose is SO MUCH LESS RED now. I’m a happy girl. I went in for two treatments and would be totally up for another.

To pull from the site, “An Nd:YAG laser is a solid state laser capable of producing a near-infrared wavelength that penetrates deep into the skin and is readily absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin chromophores” It works when the “laser energy is selectively absorbed by the deeper levels of the dermis and allows for treatment of deeper vascular lesions such as telangiectasias, hemangiomas and leg veins. The laser energy is delivered using long pulses which are converted into heat in the tissue. The heat impacts the vasculature of the lesions.”

Second: Dermaplaning.

Another procedure performed by Beata Jaron at Pacific Plastic Surgery Group (and recommended by Alyson.) Y’all… I had read about the benefits of shaving your face. So not sexy but many women with phenomenal skin do it. But I tried it once at home and I ended up cutting my lip and it didn’t stop bleeding for HOURS. (And this was right before a Valentine’s Day date… #MyLife)…. at home shaving is good if you do it right. But Dermaplaning…. is GREAT.

Basically they take this medical-grade, 10-gauge scalpel to deeply (and gently) scrape off dead skin and peach fuzz. It honestly reduces the look of fine lines. Like really. AND it makes your skin baby soft. Like your products will seep in SO MUCH DEEPER after dermaplaning. And there is no downtime! The texture and tone after are very noticeable. Just rejuvenated. It’s natural and effective. While chemical peels are still my favorite, I love this now and then for in between.

Third: CoolSculpting.

I was SO INTERESTED in this. It’s a non-invasaive way to basically sculpt minor fat pockets on your body. There are some places where you can work out intensely, diet hard, stretch/massage do all the body and yet STILL-that area will not budge. For me that was my inner thighs. Hear me out- I KNOW I’m not overweight. I know I should be happy with what I have. AND I AM.

But. BUT. I am a walker. I walk miles and miles every single day. If I’m wearing shorts, I kid you not this can be uncomfortable sometimes. Like my right thigh is sliiightly more bulgy than my left (in the middle) and the two just rub together, man. I hate it! Like two tennis balls lol. Obviously- when I am working out and feeling good I don’t notice this as much. But I still notice it enough for it to bug me. I could never do anything about it unless I wanted to starve myself and loose 20 pounds. I don’t.

SO I TRIED COOL SCULPTING- Which is where they actually FREEZE your fat using this machine. And then your body thinks the fat cells are dead and just rejects them through your lymph system 8-12 weeks later. Most people will need two sessions- I did! I can not speak to ANY OTHER BODY PART regarding cool sculpting except inner thighs. It really did work on mine. I’m mostly symmetrical now and my thighs have truly smoothed out- a subtle amount, but still a difference I notice and am happy with. I know another girl who did her thighs and she was so happy as well. Like I said though, this is MINOR spot reduction. Very minor. So keep this in mind. It’s not like liposuction or anything.

Here is what Alyson has said about it (her description is way better lol) 

For coolsculpting- your cells do permanently die through cellular apoptosis (apoptosis is a natural-timed/ programmed cell death). 20-25% on average are induced into the programmed death and metabolized through your lymphatic system gradually (most metabolized in the 8-12 weeks post procedure), which is nice because it doesn’t bombard your lymphatic system!

Both CoolSculpting and liposuction are permanent fat reduction. BUT there are differences. While CoolSculpting is tailored to each patient’s needs, liposuction is completely tailored (no preset applicators, a skilled-surgeon’s hands-on sculpting your areas of concern). Other primary differences between CoolSculpting and Liposuction are the invasiveness (non-invasive vs. surgery), downtime (no downtime vs. 1-2 weeks depending on area), and reduction of fat (CoolSculpting 20-25% vs. Liposuction is depending on each person and case but it can be anywhere from 50% to higher).

With the latest CoolAdvantage applicators there’s minimal side effects (PPSG has them ALL!). Soreness lasts 1-2 weeks and numbness last 2-6 weeks for most patients. Many patients go back to work and daily activities same day (including working out) and some patients prefer to take it easy the first day or two.

My exact experience:

You get your measurements and picture taken.
You get this sticky-wet gel pad put on the spot you are treating.
You get sat in this comfy chair all propped up on pillows.
They put this applicator over the area.
The machine turns on, it starts to “suck” in your skin. (This feels weird, doesn’t hurt.)
The first five minutes, your skin is going numb. It feels REALLY COLD just in that spot. This can be uncomfortable but it’s 100% bearable.
After five minutes, you are numb so you’re not feeling anything.
It keeps “freezing” for 30 minutes.
Afterwards, Alyson massages the area for 2 minutes to “wake it up”… this is the most uncomfortable part. But so necessary! It hurts a LITTLE. But Alyson distracts you by talking to you the whole time and it is doable.
You’ll feel SO COLD in that area for hours after. But fine! Like I said, maybe a little “icky feeling” as your body’s temp gets back to normal. But that’s it!

Of course, I am just speaking from MY experience. So please keep that in mind. It’s been 6+ months since I last did coolsculpting and I am feeling great about the results! Pacific Plastic Surgery Group has the BEST office too. So relaxing. So private. You’d love it.

Let me know if you guys have any questions! You can find all information about Pacific Plastic Surgery Group on their website.

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