I’m someone who always walks on the shaded side of the street. ALWAYS.

I also always wear a hat if I know I’ll be in direct sunlight for more than a half hour at a time.
And I always wear self-tanner instead of laying out– even though I tan pretty easily.
AND. Most important: I always, ALLLLLLLWAYS wear my SPF. Never without it.

So needless to say, I’ve tried so many damn SPF products I could practically open up my own sunscreen store.

I know what I hate: SPF’s that leave a white residue. SPF’s that take a little extra work to fully rub in. SPF’s that never seem to absorb all the way. SPF’s that are ashy. SPF’s that are super shiny. SPF’s that smell like SPF.

And I know what I love: SPF’s that absorb QUICK- one’s that I can apply makeup on over shortly after. SPF’s that are already IN my makeup… I love that convenience sometimes. SPF’s that are 30 or higher. SPF’s that leave not a SINGLE trace of white residue behind and instead a more soft, smooth completely transparent texture. Lastly, love SPF’s that double up with added benefits like good for you vitamins and minerals kinda thing.

These three products have become my all time favorite after years of trial and error. I sincerely don’t see myself switching to any other brand any time soon because these have just blown me the heck away in how good they perform with my skin. (Always advise to read the extra reviews as everyone’s skin is different!) Here’s my take.

What I argue are the Best SPF face products on the market today:
**Not a single product is sponsored by the way… affiliate links? Yes! #ForeverHonest

Best SPF Face Products-10

Product 1: Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum + Foundation + SPF 40

This. Shit. ROCKS. Omg does it rock. They just launched this product and holy cow it makes your skin look sooooo dewey.  And what I la la LOVE: it’s a product that serves multiple purposes and does each one WELL, no half-assing in any of it’s promises. This product is pricey for a reason ($62) and I am so willing to keep paying for new bottles (probably will last 3ish months) as I run out. First, this legit HYDRATES like a real serum. It has lychee, bamboo grass, and cordyceps mushroom extracts… not even sure what all that ish means but what I do know is it makes your skin feel SO silky smooth. Second, the coverage is quite natural but still makes a difference and hello- SPF 40?! That’s the cherry on top. Your makeup on top of it will just glide right over too. My opinion? You’ll love it.

Best SPF Face Products-9

Best SPF Face Products-8
Cyn’s hand. She flipped her SHIT over this product on how soft it felt. This picture is in 100% natural light with not one single edit. (…Y’all know we keep it real over here at VF #gangsta)

***For a more affordable option, try SPF 50 BB Cream by It CosmeticsWhile it’s not a serum foundation like above, it works super well and $38 as opposed to $62… still pricey, we know, but definitely a price cut. Our friend and YouTuber: FashionByAlly mentioned the SPF 50 BB Cream by It Cosmetics in one of her recent videos -and to us in person the day we shot this actually. She said it’s really glow-y though, so if that’s your thing (personally I love glow-y) and you want to spend less, homegirl always gives good recommendations on more affordable products!

Best SPF Face Products-3

Product 2: Kiehl’s Super Fluid SPF 50 + Infused with extra Vitamin E

Okay, if there is one thing I have learned from products that are just sunscreen… it’s that the extra watery shit is the way to go. For real. This Kiehl’s product ($38) goes on SO thin, it’s incredibly lightweight. Especially for an SPF 50! You put it on, it absorbs quick (way faster than traditional SPF), and you seriously don’t feel all cakey or oily afterwards at ALL. Oh and NO white residue anywhere. Fragrance free too. Almost every single day I’ll wear this SPF on my neck and chest. I’ll wear it on my face for times when I’m not wearing make up or I’m doing something active outside… and that includes simple walks to and from places like workout classes or just for a quick corner store run. Seriously, my ass does not skip a beat with the SPF. It makes all the difference for wrinkle prevention! And this has Vitamin E in it too- great antioxidant. Gahhh I love this product.

Best SPF Face Products-2
That texture! Soooo lightweight. And the bottle lasts quite awhile too.

Best SPF Face Products-1

^^Look at that! Rubs in so damn easily. I’m all for anywhere where I can save a little effort and not tug at my skin more than I have to. Can layer under makeup too!

***Neutrogena makes a much less expensive version ($12). I’ve tried it, and while there is no added benefits, it does absorb quickly. I just didn’t like the smell of it. Nonetheless, most reviews on Target give it 5 stars!

Best SPF Face Products-7

Product 3: AmorePacific SPF 30 + added nourishing Asian botanical extracts for more hydration

So I like this product ($50) for a touchup. It’s sooo convenient and has very lightweight but milky-ish texture. Dewey-soft would be a good way to describe it. It’s great because it comes in a compact and you don’t have to get SPF on your hands when applying. Typically I put this on the top of my hands. (Yes I SPF my hands. Am I crazy? Whatever…) It’d be really great to keep in the car if you drive a lot. Sun + steering wheel = a speeded up aging process of the hands. It’s a tad vain to worry about and I guess doesn’t really matter (although skin cancer is real!) BUT if you’re a nut about prevention like me then why not?

Something to consider: It makes for a slightly dewey look, but I’ve put this product OVER existing makeup when I need midday SPF touchups. The trick is to blot it on rather than drag it across. I then finish with a light layer of some kind of powder to “set” it. What’s cool is it feel like a moisture boost in the middle of the day too.

Best SPF Face Products-6

Best SPF Face Products-5
It comes with an anti-microbial puff applicator- which makes it way more hygienic. Easy to blend and apply too.

Best SPF Face Products-4
Such a smooth finish!

Before I conclude, I want to add that mineral powder SPF is also the shit for touchups as it does NOT mess up your makeup in the slightest. My Grandma got me using that years ago and my Derm agrees that it works great as a midday touchup! Just sayin. Because I want to tell you allllllll my tricks and things I learn along the way. 😉

Y’all have any experience with these products or what do you think are the best SPF face products? Spill, spill!!

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Katey || INFP || Founder/Director of Violet Fog ||

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