Sooo… confession- I live and work in East Bay (omg- gasp)… But I still make it out to the city at least 1-2 times a week. Somehow this is not enough to appease the SF neighborhood snobs- aka those who believe the only life in the Bay worthing living is IN San Francisco. *Sigh*…. Let me elaborate.

Every time I mention that I live in the East Bay to a SF neighborhood snob, I get the snide, “That’s SO far away.” (It’s a 30 minute drive) or, my favorite: “I would never live out there.” Orrrrr…. the sarcastic “How’s the East Bay?” text. To this text, I often retort, “How’s the rent bill looking this month?” 😉 Sorry, I had to.

At first it bothered me (I don’t like people putting me down), but then I realized, I’m an adventurer. I consider my apartment a crash pad and a home base for activities I do on a regular basis (ie work work work work work). I make it a point to get out of my hobbit hole and explore the places around me and experience everything the Bay Area has to offer. And it’s a whole lot MORE than just San Francisco, people.

I can’t say the same for a lot of SF neighborhood snobs… who never leave the city. Especially the SF neighborhood elitist snobs– who think their neighborhood in the city is better than alllll the other neighborhoods. Don’t get me started on those.

And don’t get me wrong: I love the city. The beauty, the food, the culture. However, I also appreciate what’s outside of the confines of the 7 x 7. Do you?

You know you’re an SF neighborhood snob when:
You judge people on their neighborhood, but haven’t even explored outside your own.
You try to convince people their part of SF isn’t really SF.
You make brash generalizations about other places without any real experience there.

The generalizations really peeve me. And this neighborhood snobbery isn’t restricted to SF- it exists in all of California.

I experience it all time for being from Texas–
Acquaintance: Where did you grow up?
Me: Texas
Acquaintance: Oh, huh…. I’m sorry.
Me: Why? Have you ever been?
Acquaintance: No…

Okay then.

Another time…

Me: I’d love to visit Thailand or Nepal or Cambodia!
Acquaintance: Why would you ever leave California? We have everything here!
Me: The food, the culture, the diversity…
Acquaintance: I guess I just don’t feel the need to. I can’t handle seeing people in poverty.
Me: (Blood boiling) I don’t think they like seeing it either…

I’m especially tired of getting this elitist attitude from people who haven’t experienced anything outside their immediate area. How can you tell me California is God’s gift to Earth when you haven’t seen the rest of the world… let alone your neighboring cities? It’s like only eating Cheesecake Factory and saying that’s the best cheesecake you’ve ever had.

I have a few theories on these neighborhood snobs:
They need to justify their exorbitant rent.
They are insecure about their breadth of experience or ability to explore.
They enjoy propping themselves up by putting others down, or ideas/things/places they don’t understand.
They lack social skills and don’t realize they’re being total assholes. <—- Which is quite possible.

I’m all about being proud about where you live and where you’re from, and I’m a bit of a snob too (I mean, my personal food blog is called The Snobby Foodie…), BUT. Someone please enlighten me: what is the point of putting other people down or judging them based on where they’ve live or where they grew up? Like- how do you think someone will react when you make a jab about how they live in the Tenderloin? Not well- say goodbye to that possible friendship.

So stop being a neighborhood snob. Just stop. There’s really no point, unless you enjoy coming off as a better than thou asshole. It’s already so hard to make friends in this city, so why make it harder? Why judge when you don’t need to and doing so actually does you a disservice? Venture out and explore surrounding areas. Don’t put other people down- and rather appreciate the different experiences they have. The cool ways they live. What they can show you.

The world is a massive place, and you shouldn’t pass judgement without experience. Even neighborhood to neighborhood… and Bay Area city to Bay Area city. Am I right or am I right? 😉