I love, love, LOVE Wildbrine’s products. They make delicious kimchi that is out of this world. I usually put it in soups, sandwiches, and eat it with my favorite rice. I contacted Wildbrine and expressed how much I loved their product, and they asked if I wanted to be a part of their Wildbrine 14-day challenge.

For this challenge, I was required to drink their new Probiotic Kimchi Live Shots every day for 14-days and write about the results. Since I’m obsessed with their kimchi, naturally, I said yes.

What’s a Probiotic?

Probiotics are healthy gut bacteria. When you take antibiotics, sometimes you can deplete the healthy bacteria living in your gut. By taking probiotics, you can reintroduce this bacteria and improve gut health. There’s also some research that shows that probiotics help with allergies, skin conditions, and digestive problems,

So, I wanted to test these claims and for 14 days, I took different flavors of Wildbrine’s Probiotic Kimchi Shots.

The Taste

These Kimchi shots are drool-delicious. They’re the right amount of spice and tang & don’t have a weird aftertaste. I don’t even shoot them- I taste and savor them because they’re so yummy.

I like taking kimchi shots in the morning because when I wake up, I crave something savory (like a breakfast taco). So, I satisfy that with a kimchi shot and then move on to the rest of my breakfast (which is usually sweet). It’s like having a 2 course breakfast in a way… lol. Actually, taking probiotics on an empty stomach is preferred because when you eat, stomach acid levels rise, killing the microorganisms. To keep probiotics alive, you should take them 30 minutes before a meal.

My favorite flavor of these Live Shots is the Zesty Thai. It’s a perfect blend of spicy, sweet, and umami. (I just got off my couch to take a shot of Zesty Thai just now- true story.)

The shot is 0 calories, which isn’t reason itself to get this product. However, a lot of probiotic teas, yogurts, and juices are super high in sugar, which makes me question the health benefits. This drink is made of all natural ingredients and has ZERO sugar. It’s almost like drinking a super tangy green juice… or like having a Kimchi Bloody Mary.

How did it make me feel?

I want to keep it real here on VF…. I really, really enjoyed taking these kimchi shots, and feel they are of great quality, but I didn’t experience a major difference in my body.

I felt happy after taking the shot – just like I did when I was drinking green juice. It just felt good drinking something that was “good for me”. This may be a placebo effect, but it’s just how I felt. I wouldn’t say that I was less bloated or lost weight or had better skin. One thing is for sure: whether there was a noticeable difference or not, this is the best tasting probiotic food I’ve ever had.

I liked the fact I wasn’t taking a supplement. I was drinking something that had pure, food ingredients rather than chemical ingredients (like in supplements). I prefer taking probiotics in their natural forms…. there’s not a lot of regulation in the supplement industry.

This is not to say that probiotics may not help you with your digestive or skin – everyone is different!

Would I buy this again?

Yes. I wouldn’t buy it every day, but if I’m feeling icky after having an unhealthy week, I would definitely buy one of these as a pick me up & an encouragement to eat healthier the next week. It feels like something “nice” to do for myself.

What are your thoughts on probiotics??