Honestly I think it all started when I was in the 7th grade and *NSYNC was on tour. It was their No Strings Attached tour… which is arguably their best album. All of my friends were going, so like… I just had to go, right? But my parents were really adamant on me going to Bible study instead. So I decided it would be a smart idea to “borrow” my mom’s credit card and buy myself three tickets: one for me, one for a friend, and one for my mom because there was no way she would be mad if she knew that I took her into account and planned for a chaperone. Right? ….Wrong. Never made it to that *NSYNC concert.

So I spent much of my college/grad school/adult life coming back from that trauma and going to as many live shows as possible. I won’t lie though…it’s exhausting and comes with many many struggles. For instance, as I’m sure you know, concert tickets are not cheap! Depending on who you’re seeing, you’re looking at $30-$200. Or more. When you’re aiming to see 2/3 a week, this gets super expensive! And yes, I aim for 2-3 a week!

Also, when you’re single, you either gotta find a friend who is willing to travel and spend the money or you fly solo. And let’s get real, not every concert is doable when solo… like there’s no way in hell I’m going to a Beyonce concert and dancing my butt off with myself. If I wanted to do that, I’d have a solo dance party in my bedroom, in underwear and sunglasses (yes, this is a frequent occurrence in my life).

I had always created a concert bucket list for myself and years ago I told myself: Sandra, when you see Josh Groban live, you can retire this very expensive hobby. Then I saw Josh Groban live and let me tell you… absolutely life altering. I mean…that man’s voice is seriously hashtag blessed. But then I was fueled to see more.

My biggest challenge lies with loving multiple genres and being a die hard fan of literally everyone. Like have you ever been out at a club or having a jam sesh in a car and been next to someone who yells “OMG THIS SONG IS MY JAM” to every. single. song? That person is me. And because of my undying love and affection, I’ve done some pretty crazy shit to see these artists. For instance, Sam Smith’s big US tour — I bought tickets to THREE… three different shows (one of which was in Toronto (yes I flew to Toronto for a concert)…. and he cancelled each concert due to laryngitis. So for Christmas, my best friend in college surprised me with front row seats to see him and I nearly fainted and cried and peed my pants all at the same time.

Buying tickets to four concerts to see someone isn’t even the craziest. When I wanted to see Adele in concert, I knew it was going to require some dedication. The night prior to ticket sales, I set my alarm and knew I needed to be in a reliable place to purchase tickets. So I switched my work shift JUST so I could use our reliable internet and computer. Set up my purchase at 9:58 AM and unhooked our work phones (to my boss: sorry but not sorry) and kept hitting refresh…refresh…refresh… while sweating bullets until 10:00AM. Turns out those tickets told in six seconds!!! And I was lucky enough to score some!

That’s still not the craziest story. Lauryn Hill, my queen, THE queen, was on tour and I needed to go. Sadly, I missed the opportunity to buy tickets. So I joined every Facebook group imaginable and waited…and waited…and waited… and one magical morning someone posted that they were selling discounted tickets. I knew this was my opportunity. So I enlisted Katey in coming with me to pick up these tickets from Oakland from a stranger. At a Bart station. At night. Under a bridge. Basically, we risked our lives to be able to score these tickets. No I don’t think I have a problem, thank you very much!


P.S That’s no diss on Oakland. Love Oakland. Some of my favorite shows have been in Oakland!


My last story for you before you all hop off my crazy train: a few weeks ago I learned that the Weepies are going on tour. If you don’t know the Weepies, let me tell you that their music has gotten me through the worst of heartbreaks and sad nights. They are based out of Boston and when I used to live there, I honestly could not afford their concerts so it was never an option. This tour was only 10 shows and was an acoustic show; however, they were all happening on the east coast or the midwest. Tickets were super super cheap! How is that possible?!?! I needed to know where the closest show was taking place. Dear Ticketmaster, where is the closest Weepies concert? Chicago? Sigh…But ok. Done. I booked a flight.

Was it worth it, you ask? Well… you see… the concert also fell on the same night the Cubs won the World Series. So about two hours before the show, the band cancelled the show and rescheduled for the spring. Needless to say, I spent HOURS crying at O’Hare. 

So I obviously can not leave you without some recommendations and if you ever have any opportunity to see any of the following, just do it! Regardless of your music taste, I promise they just put on an excellent show!

A must see live: Bon Iver, Birdy, 98 Degrees, Boyce Avenue, Ingrid Michaelson, Josh Groban, Sam Smith, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jason Reeves.

Who I was actually really disappointed with and would not recommend going to see: the Fray, Lauryn Hill, Boys II Men.

What’s next on the concert list? Luckily, the possibilities in the Bay are endless! Norah Jones, Erykah Badu, Il Divo, Kings of Leon, Ben Harper, Amos Lee, Switchfoot (because who doesn’t want to relive A Walk to Remember), Toni Braxton, Josh Radin, Lapsley…the list goes on and on and on.

I’m a crazy music fan-girl… and proud of it.

Have you ever done something crazy to go see your favorite band? Tell us about it! Let’s all join hands and embrace our fan-girling!

Sandra Aziz
Senior Writer || Pharmacist || ESFJ || Awkward turtle who loves to read, eat, travel and talk incessantly about tv and music.

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Sandra Aziz

Senior Writer || Pharmacist || ESFJ || Awkward turtle who loves to read, eat, travel and talk incessantly about tv and music.

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