I get in my fair share of social media. (I mean derr… it is part of my job.)
I love looking at blogs– especially since I ran one of my own for 5 years. I mostly read ones on wellness and health.
I also scroll through various news sites every few days…

Those are somewhat given, though. The more “typical” kind of websites that I peruse.

BUT. The special geek interests side to me is strong. Like, Serena Williams strong. Rhonda Rousey strong.

Honay. I get my geek ON. Like I lurrrrrve me some dictionary.com. On. The. Daily.
And I’m embarrassed to say how often I search for people’s interpretations of songs on songmeanings.com. Let alone that I actually visit songmeanings.com in the first place haha. *Le Sigh*… True INFP move right there. <—We like to figure out the “meaning” behind everything.

The thing is… we all have those little niche corners of the internet that we frequent on the reg. Websites that aren’t mainstream but speak directly to our soul and can keep us wide-eyed and entertained for hours.

It could be about travel. It could be about…. D.I.Y projects. Organic recipes. Fashion history.
It could be about quotes. About pop culture news. Health related shiz. Science! Maybe it’s about the best surfing spots.

POINT IS: You dig it. It toots your dork horn and you keep coming back for more. Everyone has at least one of those.

Anyway! What I want to know is… do YOU have any you’d care to share? There are so many well kept secrets on the world wide web!

The two I shared (and there are many more) aren’t really secrets because they’re so big but they definitely toot my dork horn that’s for sure.

Now… why do I love dictionary.com? Because I’m a total word nerd. I find a strong and colorful vocabulary to be so fascinating! I mean… so long as it’s not arrogant or annoying… there is a line. Anyway, I’m always looking to expand my own. I’m a writer so obviously it’s good for me professionally too. No shame, I’m an avid checker of Word Of The Day. W.O.T.D is freaking awesome. Like a few weeks ago I learned about the adjective “panivorous” which means to subsist primarily on BREAD. Just bread. And, yanno… I just think it’s so rad when you find a word that makes you go, “yup that’s me!” 😉 Haha… Word Of The Day y’all… it’s useful! Get on that ish. Oh and please don’t get me started on the thesaurus.com because that shit gets me hot and bothered real quick. Nerd glasses fogged up in 5-4-3-2-1.

Then there is songmeanings.com. Also my jam. See.. I am a music NUT. My friends will tell you I have a song for every situation. That my music is always on. And that, while I can’t sing for the life of me, my knack for putting together one hell of a playlist is pritttayyy impressive. Can’t lie there… it’s true. 😛 My taste in music is fabulous. lol. But you guys… really! This website has the lyrics to thousands upon thousands of songs that people have and continue to comment on with their interpretation of what songs mean- whether they know it from factual evidence or creatively dissect it. It’s a gold mine for those (like me) who find the lyrics just as important as the melody. As someone who has journal pages FULL of song lyrics- I’ve appreciated this site for years. But… have yet to contribute myself and that’s actually really freaking selfish of me now that I think about it. Which begs another question- do y’all ever contribute or add your own commentary on your favorite sites? Sometimes the comments are the best part!

Anywhoo. Those are merely two (out of like… 10) of my favorite random dork websites.

WHAT ARE YOURS?!  *waves freak flag proudly*

Share yo hidden gems y’all.