Ugh! Those perfectly messy, looks-like-you-barely-tried, effortless curls that all those hoes on IG rock look SO GOOD DON’T THEY?!

I want!! But can never perfect them. Only time I rock that style is when Michelle does my hair. Y’all know by now that Michelle is not only my BFF, but my hair stylist too. For the last 4+ years! She is soooo talented and what’s even MORE FUN is she does a bunch of VFers hair too!! Sitting in a chair with that woman for 2 hours is like girl talk vacay. Such a blast!

I’ll cut to the chase: We finally made a video of Michelle showing us how to do these sexy undone effortless curls! She makes the whole thing so approachable and seem less daunting to do. She does it on her own hair and legit breaks down every little thing she is doing and using. Tons of tips thrown in. Nothing sponsored, none of that– just some good a fun little tutorial for ya!

Easy undone curl video

We’re both SUPER NEW to the video game so go easy on us! 😛 When we’re together it’s hard to keep a straight face. We just want to laugh! Isn’t it like that with all BFFs?! Hope you enjoy!!

P.S: This is the texturizing spray she mentions in the video:

You can message Michelle on her IG if you have questions! @MichellePalos_Hair
Or you can reach her in the Nice Girl’s Club Facebook Group, she’s super active in there!

She’s based at SF Color Collective on Union St in the Marina, P.S.

Anything you want to see next?! This was fun!!