So Maca is a vegetable that comes from the Andes Mountains of Peru. It’s a very interesting food.

I researched the CRAP out of maca this summer when I first got my NutriBullet. Lord did that change my foodie life… I went on such a crazy smoothie kick. It’s still going… NutriBullet is life.:-P

Anyway- about half the time, I put maca in my morning smoothies. I drink a LOT of coffee- so I try to cut back wherever I can and swap it out for alternatives that give me a boost in energy and also other added health benefits. Maca does exactly that! Energy + added health benefits. 

So you guys probably know by now that I’m a wellness freak. (Well, you’d know that if we’re buddies on snapchat, user: Yurkstyle) I love my vitamins and supplements. Love keeping shiz healthy and clean…. 80% of the time. Anyway, I’ve legit grown to be obsessed with Maca for my smoothies- or mixed into my yogurt with honey.

Of all my “green” powders– Maca tastes the best. To me at least. It’s kind of a sweet, nutty flavor. It’s not even green, it’s white! And it fa SHO gives you a bump in energy.

Here’s all the research studies I found regarding one of my fave powders:

Maca Powder Benefits
{{P.S This brand isn’t sponsored. I’ve tried other maca brands too and it basically tastes the same. I get this one on Amazon.}}



Maca Benefits  ++ The studies, research, and history

Yowza baby…. studies have shown that is can increase sexual stamina and fertility in both men and women. It’s also been shown to reduce menopausal symptoms. Why not, eh? 😉  [Resource]

Some preliminary studies show that it can enhance athletic performance (hence the added energy kick!) [Resource]

Helps with depression. Another preliminary study has shown it can have an effect in acting as an antidepressant for women.  A Chinese study has also concluded this- although their test subjects were a control group of premenopausal women. [Resource]

Helps with stress and stamina. Maca is labeled as an adaptogen, which: “are thought to increase the body’s resistance to stress, and to generally enhance physical and mental functioning” [Resource + additional resource]

Rich in essential amino acids and protein. <—- And we can all use more of that. [Resource]

Whose already on the maca train?! If not- I so recommend it. It’s a killllla paired with ashwagandha powder– which I’m going to tell you about next week. 😉



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