A couple weeks ago, my girlfriend Kat (KatWalkSF) had SUCH a great weekend in Half Moon Bay.

Minus the beautiful views, it basically revolved around FOOD.

I think the coolest “foodie thing” going on in Half Moon Bay right now is the Global Cuisine Series that is put on by the Ritz Carlton. The Executive Chef and Matre Cuisinier de France, Xavier Salomon, came up with the idea of welcoming well known Chefs who could showcase their love of food pertaining to a specific culture. Many of them being their place of origin. The premise would be that guests would be able to take a hands on cooking class and later get to enjoy the meal with the Chefs themselves. A very personal, educational, and social event revolving around food.

Kat and I got to experience the works of Chef Telmo Faria, of Uma Casa in San Francisco. (I’ve been there for Brunch and holy crap is it good!!) OH… and famed foodie journalist Michael Bauer even gave Uma Casa an awesome review! The type of food?? Portuguese.

After I show you Kat and I’s experience, I’ll show you some foodie gems in Half Moon Bay to check out. One even recommended by Chef Telmo himself.

Global Cuisine Series.

So the cooking class was super cool. Y’all know I have zero wifey skills… so any tips I can pick up in the kitchen is much appreciated. The class itself is very hands on and interactive. With Chefs talking about their love of food and dishing out little tips and tricks left and right. The class is kept small for intimacy. Which is exactly what Chef Xavier Salomon wanted.

Chef Xavier Salomon is seriously the kindest, happiest guy!! He was a pleasure to talk to.

Chef Telmo is amazing. So awesome seeing people live out their passions and dreams.

After the cooking class you get an hour break and then come back to a beautifully set up table in the hotel’s library where you get to dine with the featured Chef and guest and bond with others over food. It’s a unique experience!

Getting to talk with the Chef’s personally and interview them tied the whole thing together for me. Here’s me and Chef Telmo and Ritz Carlton Chef Xavier Salomon at the cooking class!

A couple things Chef Salomon told me about the Global Cuisine Series that I wanted to note:

“I travel all over the world for my career, I thought it would be so interesting to create a series where Chefs would come and cook their food from where they are from, and do it with passion. The series and class would be interactive, and different every month.”

He even said he himself learns a few things from the Chefs they feature! “Like today, I was surprised about the use of cinnamon in Portuguese food. Last month, with Chef Claudia, I learned how to make new dishes. It was great! We all learn. That is the beauty of our job.”

“Everything means something to these Chefs. They are passionate about their culture and so proud of their food and recipes. Being able to eat with them after also adds to the emotional connection of the entire experience we want to provide here.”

To check out the schedule of the upcoming classes and to learn more about the Global Cuisine Series: Go here. 🙂

Now, last but not least… some notable other stops on a Half Moon Bay Road Trip:

Sam’s Cloud Chowder. I mean hello– it’s practically a famous spot in Half Moon Bay by now!

You can even order a good salad… which I did. Because I was saving room for the Global Cuisine Series lol. 😛

And then there is Cameron’s Pub. Which, I’m actually not sure about the food. But it’s a fun place to grab and beer and just hang out. They even have hammocks!! (Located at 1410 Cabrillo Hwy S)

Then there is Dad’s Luncheonette! Which was recommended to us by Chef Telmo himself. You know if a place is CHEF recommended… it’s gotta be good. Dad’s has limited seating in the back, but really has an awesome family feel. Limited and hearty menu of “Cal-American” classics. They try to stick to organic food as well.

The Barn is a cute ass place to get a salad or sandwich or a cup of coffee! Light and airy and yep– with that retro “barn” feel. And added touch of beachy-ness. Perfect for Half Moon Bay.

Okay last place is technically not Half Moon Bay but CLOSE. Stay with me here…

TACO BELL. But not just ANY Taco Bell.

The fanciest Taco Bell I have ever been to. Kat took me to the Taco Bell in Pacifica and you would have thought we were walking up to a Steak House. It’s all woodsy and RIGHT on the ocean. And they even have a patio with a beach view. I mean WHAT?! It was insane.

See Kat’s tacos in the corner? lol. We both wanted that scenic photo.

It was hilarious going from the Ritz Carlton to Taco Bell, but… hey… getcha a girl who can do both, right? 😉

What places in Half Moon Bay did I miss? Do tell!! Don’t keep a secret y’all.