When I think of fun things to do in San Francisco (or now- fun things to do in the summer, hello visitors!) I always think of the Exploratorium. I’ve been on a date there before, I’ve been with a few girlfriends– it’s just a great time! Something different to do.

As you know may know, I’m a big fan of LEARNING combined with FUN. Playing and exercising the mind. I’m a super curious person!

The Exploratorium is a museum is art, science, and human perception. There’s a lot to tinker with, experiment with… lots of “Whoaaaaa COOL!” moments to be had. You can also run around with a drink in hand too, which is fun. 😉 There are over 650+ exhibits!

Speaking of drinks and San Francisco nightlife, their Thursday night’s “After Dark” 18+ events are SO FUN. A cool way to meet people too! I don’t know, sometimes I just like to do something different, ya feel me?

Anyway- the Exploratorium is way fun and their new installation “Inflatable” is really cool. Basically it’s an ode to thinking and dreaming BIG and looking at the world from different angles. Like they have this giant inflatable insect-eye room, and a huge forest of inflatable cushion like things. LOL- so hard to describe! It was designed by Christopher Hobson, the Founder of design-media powerhouse, Colossal.

Below are some images from my night there recently. I went with my friend Violetta! We were talking about things to do in San Francisco at night and I was like girl— you want to come to the Exploratorium with me?! She was totally down. Y’all, it’s a fun time!! I also got to invite a Violet Fogger + a guest of her choice to come out and hang. It was awesome.

Biggest inflatable art piece I have ever seen!

My face just in awe and wonder constantly when I’m there!

This one was interesting. Delicate but huge. Some sort of Octopus?! Idk. lol!

The inflatable insect-eye room!

My favorite installation of Inflatable!

Caitlin- a beautiful and sweet Violet! We got to hang out for a good hour and I loved getting to know her. Super smart girl from Austin who does marketing for Whole Foods! #BrainIsTheNewAss

Yooooo Violetta and I had so much fun in this room! It keeps morphing your real-time image. You feel like you are in a music video!

Let me know if you check out Inflatable this summer! 
All the info you need is HERE. It’s at Pier 15 and this installation goes until September 3rd, 2018! Yahoo!