The VF community has spoken! Here are the articles you guys enjoyed the most in 2016. 🙂 We love you ladies and appreciate your support for our little team of writers more than you will ever know. <3 Here’s to a new year of truthful, honest, raw journalism and story-telling!


Violet Fog’s Top 20 Articles In 2016


+ 2016 Resolutions For The San Francisco Girl 
…Which looking back, are still totally applicable for 2017 as well.


+ Dating Life In San Francisco
…Stay positive ladies. 😉 Staaaaay positive. (For your own sanity!)


+ Specific Criteria To Look For When Buying Tees
…specifically the classic crew cut tee!


+ Part 1 & 2 Of The Arbonne Detox: A Verrrrry Real-Deal Review
…Sandra leaves no stone unturned! Awww shiz.


+ A Cool 2-3 Day Roadtrip To Take With Your BFF Along Highway 1
…Specifically from the bay area to the Sonoma Coast! Mapped out all the great spots.


+ The Sting Of An Ending Fling
…The absolute bummer of a new fling not working out that you SO were excited about 🙁


+ Barry’s Bootcamp Is Noooooo Joke
…A raw (and funny) review of what this fitness class actually entails


+ Why Are Women In Their Late 20s And 30s Calling Themselves Old?
…No but why though? Ridiculous.


+ Letting Go Of The Guilt Of Being Depressed
…A true account on depression and why it’s not a choice (let’s de-stigmatize this subject!)


+ Something To Keep In Mind When You Keep Thinking About Someone You Shouldn’t Be
…Just some sweet truth thrown at cha <3


+ What It’s Like To Move To The Bay Area And Having To Find A New Tribe Of Friends
…Radhika’s candid breakdown of her experience moving from Texas and knowing no one


+ Some Beautiful Things About The Tenderloin Neighborhood That Many SF-ers Fail To See
…How spending some extra time in the Tenderloin can really change a point of view


+ When You Move To San Francisco And It’s Just Not What You Expected
…Unfortunately not everyone has a positive experience through and through


+ The Best Date Night Sushi Spots In San Francisco That Seriously Impress
…Swanky, delicious… add to a sushi lover’s bucket list for sure.


+ Bay Area Peeps: Where To Go GLAMPING On Your Next Nature Get Away
…This spot is absolutely incredible and affordable too! You *will* want to go back


+ Getting RID Of Cellulite (For Real!!!!) The Benefits Of Working On Your Fascia System
…Besides cellulite, this is actually a really important health article that I encourage all to read


+ Golden Milk Recipe And The Scientific Research Backing Turmeric
…We get super nerdy with our research. And have added turmeric to our diets since this article! 😉


+ 20 Things A San Francisco Gal Can Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving
…Can apply to men too. All about being grateful for living in the wonderful city by the bay!


+ One Heck Of A Brunch Spot, SF: 1760
…This place is bomb diggity. Amazing cocktails too.


+ $2 Lipstick That Stays On Like No Other
… Not kidding we still use this and absolutely love it.


……And there you have it!! What more do you guys want to see in 2017!? We aim to make you happy and create the content that benefits YOU, so please let us know. 🙂 Hearing your opinions and thoughts always help us out. Love you guys! Thanks for being part of this awesome VF community!!