Nestled in the Warwick hotel in Union Square-ish area is a Spanish restaurant called BOTA and it’s a super classy, super FUN spot to try out for dinner. We went for a girl’s night. Four of us… and had a blast. The food was great and atmosphere was happy and upbeat!

So Bota is a Spanish tapas and paella bar.

Definitely start with some of their Sangria! It’s SO GOOD. Says Radhika: “The sangria was lightly sweetened, but packed a punch. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy with girlfriends.” <—- ditto!

Natalie from Bake No Fake joined some of the VF team for a girl’s night. 🙂

Radhika wondering what she’s going to order…

Nao (Portland VF writer) taking one of her beautiful photos for her IG. (Her feed is INSANE.)

What she was photographing…. such beautiful composition huh? Gives the sangria the glory it deserved! 😉

Okay so everyone knows I am NOT a seafood person. However, my girls are….

And they LOVED this dish. The Gamba Al Ajillo. Radhika says this dish was “well balanced.” Whatever that means haha. 😛

Up next was the pork. We all got down with this! And I’m not usually a pork fan.

Radhika: “The pork was seared and paired nicely with tomatoes and potatoes, representative of Spanish cuisine.”

And the oxtail….

Radhika: “The oxtail was moist and succulent- perfect for friends that aren’t fans of seafood” <—pretty sure she’s talking about me!

Bota is super lively. And with an open kitchen– which is always fun to watch. I love me some open kitchens.

They definitely have their own kind of rustic swagger when it comes to presentation! I appreciated it.

And of course their main seller is their paella! The girls ordered the “Surf and Turf,” which Radhika said: “Bota is very particular on the ingredients of their paella – specifically their rice. The rice is short grain and hearty, which makes the paella a filling dish” (Can you guys tell that Radhika knows her shiz when more than I do or ever will? Haha.)

I can’t remember what this was we had for dessert but it was good! I’ve also heard that the creme brulee is FABULOUS.

So if you want to try a Spanish spot and especially if you’re a seafood lover- definitely give Bota a try! It’s a really authentic and fun spot. 🙂

490 Geary St. San Francisco, CA 94102