You know when you use a mineral sunscreen and it leaves a white cast on your face?

HATE IT. It’s so so so annoying. And yet, the healthiest of sunscreens are often mineral. (Plenty of great chemical sunscreens on the market- which go on clear. I am NOT discounting that.)

Well, guess WHAT y’all. As someone who reapplies sunscreen multiple times a day– I have the BEST way to counteract the white cast and BONUS: Give you a super glow!!


Admittedly, as I am my only subject, I only know how this works on Caucasian skin tones. I apologize and recognize the limited amount of people this could help.


You will need:
A light oil to start with
Your mineral sunscreen (derr)
A bronzing stick (not powder- like a glide on STICK.)

Any product I mention is only a suggestion, nothing is sponsored, and I don’t even use affiliate links! 

Step 1. Apply a base of OIL to your face. Pick a lighter oil, like apricot or plum. I put this on lightly and really PRESS it into the skin. This is key. PRESSING. I find that oil is better than moisturizer because it keeps your skin hydrated and “dewy” longer- which helps sunscreen lay in a way that is more smooth and less mattifying. (You can put powder on top if you want to mattify it later.)  NOTE: You do not need to add extra oil whenever you reapply. I think once in the beginning is enough.

Step 2. Apply your sunscreen. Preferably fragrance-free! I do think mineral based is best for sensitive skin. One brand I like is badger balm.

Step 3. After the sunscreen has sunk in, apply a STICK bronzer all over your face, neck, chest. Wherever you put the sunscreen. Really rub it in all over. You will see that it TOTALLY cancels out the white cast and even more– gives you a BEAUTIFUL, dewy glow. I like Vapour beauty because it’s such a clean, organic formula.

Step 4. Repeat every few hours only without the oil! I find it okay to “keep layering” because if I’m putting on sunscreen, I’m going to wash my face at the end of the night anyway. And so much of it comes off with each wear. Also note, a lot of times I just don’t give an EFF and rock the white cast. It is what it is and depends on what I’m doing.

Enjoy!!! Follow me on IG for more hacks: @TheVioletFog. Let me know if you try this one! Below are what the steps look like. 🙂

Apologize for the difference in light- we were working against nighttime coming!

Step 1- Apply oil and really press into skin.

Step 2- Apply the suncreen over the pressed in, well sunken in oil.

Step 3: Apply a bronzing stick over the SPF and blend! Enjoy the glow!

Step 4- Fully concealed white cast! Make sure to reapply sunscreen every few hours!