Cutoff pants for other people (non-shortie people) are usually regular pants for me.

And regular pants either mean ankle bunch AKA having to roll them 5 times, or an expensive and annoying trip to the tailor.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s hard out there (dressing) for a shortie y’all!

The last 6 months have been a whirl wind for me with Violet Fog. My style has developed so much along the way and I want to share what I’ve been learning: like when you take an outfit pic, have the photographer squat down and point the camera up- it elongates your legs!

Okay back to CULOTTES. The first time I ever saw these, it took me .02 seconds to respond with: “F*CK. NO.”

If you haven’t guessed it already… it was Katey who first told me to try them. She’s usually right with style for me… but this time I thought: swing and a miss, girl. Even she didn’t seem that confident! “Cyn just try them. There’s a good chance they won’t work out, but if they do- they’ll look awesome.”

“NO. Noooooo. NO way!”

… and then I tried them on.



Yes, yes… I ended up loving them because they are COMFY AF! Who knew?! No lie, I could sleep in these all day, run errands in them, and even wear them to happy hour.

The ones I’m wearing are from Kit & Ace (they have one in Hayes Valley and one in the Marina) which play a huge role– they are created beautifully. Other culottes I’ve tried on don’t fit as well (more details on this below).

So here’s the STYLE MATH for Shorties + Culottes:

Style math: Front tucked tee or higher sitting tee + culottes + pumps + statement piece (like a watch) + cool sunglasses for an edge factor (not needed but I dig these!)

I love the “off shoulder” look because… let’s face it… there’s nothing super “sexy” about culottes, even though they’re cool!

Something to note: Not all culottes are created equal! As shorties it’s great to find ones that are higher waisted (elongates the legs) and have a heavier (but thin!) material that looks elegant and sways beautifully with movement.


See what I mean by a heavier thin material that sways beautifully? (<— okay, those were Katey’s words lol.) WELL… who says culottes can’t show off some shape? When the material is thin enough you can still see some curve and shape when you walk (like above!) but heavy material often looks more expensive. Kit and Ace does a great job with theirs. My whole fit is from there- it’s expensive but their attention to detail is crazy insane!

Also look for ones with front pleats. The way it lays is so flattering, and makes your legs look longer!

One last tip for shorties pulling off culottes: It really just has to show one inch of skin right above the ankle balls (<— another Katey word) but you know what I’m talking about right?


Culottes: Another surprising win for shortie world. 😉

Photography by: DOPENSTEEZ | IG:@dopensteez

Cynthia Linh (@CynEats)
Cynthia || ESFJ || Founder/Director of Violet Fog || Extrovert, loves making to-do lists, and always down to eat.

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Cynthia Linh (@CynEats)

Cynthia || ESFJ || Founder/Director of Violet Fog || Extrovert, loves making to-do lists, and always down to eat.

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  1. Kristy

    Hi! Love the look, I’ve been wanting to try these culottes for a few weeks now, but since there isn’t a Kit near me, I have to order online. May I ask if they wrinkle while sitting for long? I do nails and because of sitting but also leaning forward, I find a lot of materials tend to crease around the hips/crotch area. I own quite a few tips from Kit but no bottoms, and would love your input before I shell out the money 😉

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Those particular pants are heavy duty and don’t crease. Thank you so much for the support Kristy! <3


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