Yes, the kind of trousers you might just think to wear at work or in a more professional and conservative environment.

BUT you can also make use of those trousers in another setting. Say… a cute weekend outfit maybe? Date night? Cyn has been rocking her trousers all the time now, and it has been SO CUTE!


Trousers rock because they are different from typical jeans, they are comfy AF, and add a varying element of texture to outfit combinations. Who doesn’t like more versatility in their wardrobes?

Look 1 Style Math: rolled up trousers + pumps/wedges + tight tank + blazer (long or short works! Cyn switches it up) + watch or bangles + side purse


For this look, she pulls them up so that they look more high-wasited. Much more sassy glam!


Most people can pull this color off- because mustard yellow tends to be more of a universal color so it goes with A LOT. Plus it’s a sick color pop you know? Classy and edgy at the same time.


Y’all. I knowww this sounds like such an offbeat style tip, but… ROLL UP YOUR STRAIGHT LEG TROUSERS. It’ll elongate your legs! You can make this look formal, semi-formal, or even casual.

Here’s another look with the same pants in black. (Yes, Cyn is obsessed with these pants haha).

Look 2 Style Math: trousers rolled up + wedges + loose fitting tee + baggy cardigan + statement necklace


This is one of her everyday outfits when she wants to be comfy casual, but still look edgy at the same time.

Comfy + edgy= Cyn’s style to a T.

What she loves about the statement necklace is that it’s easy as hell to just throw on a necklace, which adds a punch to the outfit.


You can either wear these pants high-waisted (similar to look 1), or you can wear them more “slouchy” at the hips.


Do you guys wear trousers outside of work or professional environments? Where and how do you style yours?

Photography by: DOPENSTEEZ

Violet Fog
Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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  1. Rad

    Hey! Where did you get both those trousers? They look amazing!! I’ve been looking for some that fit well on petite people 🙂


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