Coconut oil is great for soooo many things… the list of benefits is lengthy as heck. It’s practically a miracle oil for the bod…

BUT HELL FOR YOUR PIPES AND DRAINS. A lot of us girls don’t know this so I just wanted to tell you before it’s too late.

Please remember this– coconut oil (and some other oils too) will straight up SOLIDIFY on your pipes and drains. That’s right… SOLIDY. 

Aka it will eventually clog. yo. shit. UP. <— Something we should all know!

When I talk about this with people in real life I feel like maaaaaybe half of those already know. That’s it.  So I figured it was worth sharing. (May or may not have clogged my own shower drain entirely about 2 years ago. Yikes…)


So maybe think twice before using it as a shaving cream in the shower. And if you’re an avid oil puller… start spitting it out in the trash or in a baggy. No more sink or toilet! I know it makes it so gross and straight up looks like cum when you spit it out, but it’s WAY better than having a clogged drain, you know? So just be aware!

That’s all! Simple P.S.A for the VF readers if you didn’t already know. 😉 ***Plus… water pressure in SF isn’t always the best so we have to be even more careful! Looking out! Heh.

Send in any tips you think lady world should know! We’d love to hear them and possibly use them!