Kiva Tea Spa was one of my favorite places we visited in Portland. It was the perfect, relaxing remedy after a long night. (And oh was it a LONG, long night the night before with Katey, Kerrie and me. lol #GirlsNight)

Kerrie is our unofficial VF team member these days

The venue is a spa / cafe, which is an excellent combination if you ask me: you can get your body treatment in the back and come to the front for some healthy, delicious eats. In whichever order you prefer!

Their acai bowls have won awards before!

Since it’s a “tea spa”, KIVA has a large selection of teas from around the world. I got the Earl Grey and it was quite nice. Something about drinking tea whilst getting a massage is so luxurious.

We got a foot massage and it was fantastic. They use house-made salt scrubs and essential oils… and you know how I feel about natural ingredients. I’m a freak about ingredients being natural. 😉 I’m not normally a foot massage kind of gal, but it was actually quite relaxing (….& not ticklish). Since I wear heels ALL the time for work, ?it’s nice to get the kinks out of my arches. Which they did.

Kiva (the owner) is very humble and knows her stuff. She has a very zen demeanor, and is very easy to talk to. When I asked her about a sunscreen, she went into detail on how Eviron products (a line they carry) have vitamin A that penetrates the cell barriers. #justnerdythings… ?I LOVED it. Loved her wisdom and passion. It’s refreshing to talk to someone who genuinely knows their stuff and is willing to educate you.

Um. The food was freakin’ bomb. I wanted to order everything on that menu because it was described well and had good ingredients. (Keep in mind, I’m The Snobby Foodie & I’ll tell you about everything like it is… so I ain’t playin’: the food was great.)

I settled on getting the Breakfast Bowl and stealing bites from Katey’s and Kerrie’s plates. (Muahahah!) By the way, when the staff asks you if you want the chicken sausage on top, the correct answer is “yes”. Also, I’m not sure if you can, but I would ask for the egg poached in the Breakfast Bowl.

The Acai Bowl is a perfect treat. It’s served like a work of art & it inspired me to get my own frozen acai packs for home. Unfortunately, my bowls don’t look this beautiful… nor do they taste this good.

The Pork Belly Salad is uniquely crafted and was savory. I loved all the little fixin’s in it.

I watched everyone like a vulture to see who wouldn’t finish their meal. Katey had some acai bowl left over, so I helped her out a little bit.. a lot bit ;-). We were in a hurry and I regret not polishing it off.

I honestly would go to Kiva every day if it was near me. The ambiance is very chill and VERY “Portland” in it’s ode to wellness and food. It’s a great spot for girl talk, a date with your boo, or a solo retreat. Seriously- I would come by myself- it’s that good.

Can Kiva please come to San Francisco? Let me know if you guys try this place out or if you have any similar recommendations! For more food related content (among other things), follow along on my Instastory.