Winging it for Valentine’s Day is… well, not recommended. As in, if you do, good luck Chuck… you may just find yourself at McDonalds by playin’ that game. Better suggestion: Don’t wait till the last minute. (Or just say f*ck it and stay home LOL.)

But if you do want to do something special for V-day, a.k.a get down with a #BombAssDankAss meal… [[ and you’ve still yet to make reservations!!]]… YOU’RE WELCOME. Because I got your ass covered, folks. Yes– these places are all CynEats approved!

And let’s just be real for a sec. Yes, it is going to be expensive lol.



This is a GREAT spot for date-night if you haven’t been already. The ambiance is always on point: innovative drinks, classy vibes, chill music, and mostly importantly- the food is always  fantastic. Aatxe (pronounced “ah-chay”) showcases Basque-style tapas while drawing influences from Northern California. There are sooooo many things here that I absolutely LOVE (we practically ordered the whole damn menu). And as a Valentine’s Day special, they are doing a tasting of tapas for $65 per person.

Side: Aatxe is opened by the Ne Timeas Restaurant Group- which also owns Flour + Water, Salumeria and Central Kitchen

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The only time slots they have available close to Vday is on the 13th. If you have other fun activities planned before, then this is the perfect spot to grab a bite afterwards. Check to see if those rezzies are still available HERE.


OMAKASE Review 2

Omakase is a new sushi joint in SF that just opened up last year.

Sitting at the sushi bar, it doesn’t take long to realize that Omakase is special – there are only 14 seats a night, every single piece of pottery is imported from Japan and the service is great.

GUYS. Even the sushi rice is timed/cooked depending on the time of your reservation AKA arrival. I mean… how cool is that??

They take the extra step to ensure that each guest enjoys the optimal temperature for sushi rice.  Not too cold, and not too hot. Just perfection.

And guess what?? They have ONE reservation left on Saturday. Snag it up before anyone else does! Get it HERE.


Michael Mina Review 3

This is one of my favorite Michelin restaurants in the city. Michael Mina takes one main ingredient and presents it three different ways- as in three totally different dishes! Such a fun foodie experience.

Think: Pork three ways. LOBSTER three ways. And dessert… three variations of dessert! *Mouth drool* It’s almost like getting a nine course tasting menu that you get to customize around your favorite dishes. Genius.

Along with their famous trios (that they recently brought back), you can also order signature items on the menu like the FAMOUS tuna tartare, Wagyu Shabu Shabu, and more.

Check to see if those rezzies are still available HERE.


Pabu Review 6

Can’t say enough good things about PABU! This isn’t your typical authentic Japanese restaurant, it’s a modern take on traditional izakaya-style dining brought to you by Michael Mina and Chef Tominaga (both are super high profile chefs). Even the decor has a little bit of old-world Japanese charm mixed in with an urban and chic vibe. The whole experience is created for pure enjoyment.

Come here if you’re craving sushi OR cooked food… or if you just can’t decide.



Ooooo LA Mar! I’m totally digging the ambiance of this place- they’ve got one of the best views on the waterfront. This Valentine’s Day, executive Chef and Peruvian-native Victoriano Lopez will put together a traditional, Peruvian 3-course prix-fixe feast for $69 per person. The 3-course dinner will also be available for the entire weekend (February 12-14) and the restaurant will transform into a romantic haven on Sunday evening with nearly 1,000 candles strung about the space. Uhm, can I come here to take a few food pics please? Lol.

Check to see if those rezzies are still available HERE.


This is Chef Jason Fox’s newest restaurant Oro, and he’s serving up a delightful six-course menu using the same unique high quality ingredients, flavors, and textures found at Jason’s Michelin starred restaurant, Commonwealth. Their Valentine’s Day tasting menu is $100 per person with optional wine pairings for an additional $75 per person; to view the full menu, go here. Menu highlights include Grilled Oyster with nduja butter, Sea urchin with scrambled egg, pickled jalapeño, grilled bread, Scallop Crudo with sesame and grains, buttermilk, Charcuterie, raclette cheese, brioche, pickles, and Lamb cheek and leg, barley, borage.

*** While I personally haven’t been here, my foodie friends RAVE about this place. Josh (owner of Roam Burgers) says it’s his new fave and highly recommends it.

Check to see if those rezzies are still available HERE.


Mannn this place is soooo bomb! While most people know them for their sushi, their steaks and cooked dishes are actually UNREAL! So if you can’t decide between sushi or steaks… then I would HIGHLY recommend this place. For Valentine’s Day, they are offering a robatayaki-style menu ($98 per person- 5 courses) that features mouthwatering dishes to share: such as Tuna Tataki with spicy ponzu, red onion and lotus root chips; Robata Grilled Wagyu Filet with grilled bone marrow and spicy sweet garlic soy; Sake Kasu Marinated Sea Bass with shiso and lime; and Warm Valrhona Chocolate Cake with almond caramel and vanilla ice cream, among others.

PS: While you are waiting for your rezzie, check out the sultry lounge downstairs, the Roka Bar.

Check to see if those rezzies are still available HERE.


Lazy Bear 1

PS: I heard through the grapevine that Lazy Bear still has seats available! I would 100% get on that ASAP!! Check for tickets HERE.

Let me know if you end up going to any of these spots! Or if you end up just ordering in Pizza… still looking for my number one favorite spot. 😉 Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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