Trying on jeans…. such a pain. 

Suuuuuuch a pain. I hate the process. I think most women do.

It’s annoying right? Since there’s no universal sizing system we all kind-of-know-but-don’t-really-know what size we are these days. And it’s not the actual size that matters- it’s that it’d be GREAT if jean shopping somehow became more universal or simplified. Having to try on three different pairs of jeans in ONE style just feels obnoxious. And a lot of the general “styles” today, well… what’s straight leg to one brand might be skinny to another. So also there’s that.

Now myself… I’ve worked in or with fashion in some way shape or form for the last 7 years. And I don’t even know wtf size I am anymore. Am I a 26 or a 27? Can’t every brand be the same? 26 or 27? Please tell me, just so I can save time when shopping for jeans– something I buy a lot of when it comes to clothes. Online purchasing is stressful as heck too. I know I’m generally 26/27 BUT…  there are those few rare pairs of jeans I have that are 25s and it’s like… eff you. Eff. YOU. Whyyyy would 25s be fitting me right now? I’m bloated and normally 25s would cut off my damn circulation sooo… wtf? Same with 28s but in reverse.

One thing I do appreciate is when a brand makes different versions of styles for different body types. Like Old Navy– thank youuuu, Old Navy. It’s a start people! For my body shape in particular, brands get major points from me if they make a version of a style I like that is cut for a big booty/small waist combo. That alone solves a lot of my jean shopping troubles! Jeans have always either squeezed the life out of my butt while fitting me great on my waist, OR… fit my butt just right but left the most giant gaping space between the fabric and skin around my waist. Annoying. OR a lot of jeans simply just don’t smooth me or highlight me like I’d prefer. Yanno? We all have our jean struggles. That would be mine.

So when it comes to purchasing, I love getting great bang for my buck. I reaaaalllly enjoy the hunt of a good deal- and making a smart decision for myself, you know? That’s my thing. Quality choices. Trying not to spend more than I have to.  For an affordable pair of jeans right now, I love that Old Navy now has not one but two denim styles that work positively for the wider waist to hip ratio ladies. They’re called “curvy” and “rockstar” …. I appreciate Old Navy taking some of the guesswork out of it for me.

The rockstars are built with a strong rear structure (read: tighter stitching and thicker fabric) and their fabric stretch recovery time is more than decent! Basically, they don’t loose their shape too quickly after moving around a lot.

The curvy (I bought a black jean pair not shown) are specially made for girls with a wider waist to hip ratio. I tried them on and it was like, birds singing I was so happy.

And all of these jeans are like $40 or less too. Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys. I’ve had a lot of fun working with Old Navy– been shopping there for certain things/occasions since middle school! So nuts. 😉

Below is the olive green rockstar pair of jeans I got. They are a soft denim version and they are so COMFY. Like I could sleep in them.

Old Navy Denim (2 of 12)

Old Navy Denim (3 of 12)
Old Navy’s little peasant style tops are so sweet and feminine.

Old Navy Denim (7 of 12)My 14 year old “puppy” Lacy, aka a gal’s best friend. 🙂

Old Navy Denim (8 of 12)About to read Luckiest Girl Alive– any of you read it and loved it? Hated it?

Old Navy Denim (10 of 12)
I can sit cross legged in these jeans for hours and they don’t grip at the knee! I feel like these would be great dancing pants lol. The mobility is just awesome.

Old Navy Pants 5 (1 of 1)  Old Navy Pants 3 (1 of 1)
Tip: Orange is not always an easy color to pair. With “difficult” colors like that, I usually turn to matching them with one of the (what I call) the top three universal colors. <— Dark green being one of them.

Old Navy Denim (12 of 12)One of my little writing spots this summer!

Old Navy Pants 4 (1 of 1)

Other rockstar and curvy style Old Navy picks below! Big thank you to Old Navy.

Mine from the post-  $32.
Loved this wash. They look way more expensive than they are.

The black jeans I got.
These were also a cool wash!

Let me know if you try any of their styles out and also have success. 🙂 Mucho Love

Violet Fog
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  1. RG

    Disappointed to see this kind of content without a clear ‘Sponsored’ label up top…

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Oh sorry! In my mind I made it clear on socials and in the article that I was working with Old Navy but I guess it could be glossed over without an official “sponsored” label if one were just skimming over- which I know is common to do! I also wanted it to just serve as a relatable piece before I even mentioned Old Navy but I’ll definitely take into account clearer sponsored labels in the future. Transparency is super important to VF. Thanks for the feedback <3 P.S I do love these pants though 😉


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