Our gal Nao (@Naooh.lala) not only knows her coffee shops in Portland… her food… but also: the bars! Her kind of bar has specialty cocktails, is more intimate, and has a lush, woodsy kind of vibe. Like we said: MOODY. She’s all about a vibe. And good people of course! Always looking out for the best spots for her and other VFers!

Here are her top bars in Portland- in her words! 

Hey friends! Nao here. Happy to show you some of my favorite bars from my last five years living in Portland! I think I rounded up some good ones for you! All of them have such great atmospheres.


1. Multnomah Whiskey Library
1124 SW Alder St.

First of all, I really love the vibe here. They have THOUSANDS of whisk(e)y’s all over the world. If you want to try some, they have flights they offer- which is a fun way to try many of them! You can tell them what kind of whiskey you usually like and they will pour three or four of them for you. They also have whiskey cake, which is the BEST. It’s a little bit crunchy inside. It’s really hard to get reservations, but you can wait downstairs where there is a tasting room called The Green Room, which is also really beautiful.

2. Pepe Le Moko (inside the ACE hotel)
407 SW 10th Ave.

Pepe Le Moko…. to be honest I almost don’t want to tell anyone about it because it’s my FAVORITE spot. They have my very favorite cocktail there- which is an Irish Coffee. They have the best Irish Coffee in the world! They use Stumptown Coffee- a Portland favorite. They also serve corn snacks for their bar snacks- so it’s free! And it’s super good. Pepe Le Moko is downstairs, almost like a cave. It feels very hidden. Very dark. I love it!

3. Clyde Common (also inside the ACE hotel)
1014 SW Stark St.

Clyde Common has a bar and restaurant together. I usually go to the bar and sometimes take my drink to the Ace Hotel lobby, which is also really cute! Clyde Common has really nice bartenders, and I usually drink the Irish Coffee here too. It’s just too good. 😉

4. Tanner Tavern (in the Pearl District.)
875 NW Everett St.

This bar is new! It’s very modern. They have good beer and wine and they have special seasonal cocktails that are really good. And their fries… omg… so so so good. In the summer, the windows go up so you feel like you are partially outside. It’s a really cool atmosphere!

5. RUE (in South-East Portland)
1005 SE Ankeny St.

RUE is such a beautiful bar. All white with green details in an open atmosphere. They have beautiful dishes and the presentation of their drinks are on point. Almost too pretty to drink! They use a lot of cool spices in their drinks and pay close attention to the types of glasses they use for each drink.

If you ever need Portland recs- I am all about the good food and cute cafes! You can always reach out to me on Instagram at @Naooh.lala  <3

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