Fried chicken. Collard Greens. Pork Belly. Piping hot cornbread.

Why does everything so bad have to be soooo damn delicious??

Except at Hops & Hominy… it’s not THAT bad.

Like… the fried chicken isn’t TOO deep-fried. And the fried oysters has just the right amount of breading. And the collard greens… well, that just has the word green in it? They also serve locally raised ingredients in almost all of their dishes.

Basically, I’m trying to justify what I ate last night lol.

Anyways, Hops & Hominy is the perfect place to check out if you’re looking for some bomb Southern comfort food that really hits the spot with a nice cold beer.

Come here for a chill date night, then catch a movie down the street at AMC or Century (which is exactly what happened last night).

Hint hint: It’s perfect for date night: dinner + drinks + cuddle sesh at the movies. You’re welcome.

So. Moving onto the food:

Hops And Hominy

Every meal begins with a (complimentary) cornbread loaf in a cast iron pan. YESSS.

It’s soft and moist at the center, and then I coated each bite with whipped butter. Heaven.

Hops and Hominy 1

These fried oysters (omg). Hands down, one of the best fried oysters I’ve ever had. They were well-seasoned, plump & juicy with a delicate crunch. ($14)

Hops and Hominy 2

This pork belly (unreal). Every bite practically melted in my mouth except for the skin- which was crisp and crunchy, just like it should be. The veggies were a terrific pairing and complimented the pork belly well. It comes with rainbow chard, spaghetti squash, and Granny Smith apples. ($22)

Hops and Hominy 3

Dare I say…one of the best fried chickens out there?  It’s a little pricey ($21) for 1 leg and 1 thigh, but unlike most places, the skin was (mostly) crisp while the meat stayed oh- so- juicy and succulent. Also comes with creamed collards, biscuit and hot pepper sauce.

Hops and Hominy 4

The brussels sprouts are cooked with bacon and molasses. Need I say more? ($8)

Hops and Hominy 5

This mac & cheese. (sorry for the slightly blurry photo, I was starving).

The mac and cheese is sooo yummy, creamy, and all things bad for you in the most delicious way. It comes out piping hot out of the oven, made with sharp cheddar cheese, topped with bacon and toasted breadcrumbs- delicious. ($9)

So. To sum it all up:

Hops & Hominy is located in Union Square, at the end of a short alley way… make sure you keep an eye out for their sign! Otherwise, you might pass by without ever knowing it. Once inside, you’ll find a lively crowd with a relaxed urban vibe. If you didn’t make any ressies, grab a drink at the bar while you wait for a table.