…Because they come in gummy form so I’m eating them like candy. LOL. (Seriously the only reason.)

Truth be told… sometimes I’m super “on it” with taking my vitamins and staying on my beauty regimen and sometimes I get sloppy with it. And the one thing I’m always looking for is a shortcut. Like please, I beg you… make the process easier for me! Normally I’m on top of things but deep down MAMA IS LAZY.


Hence why 50% of the time I do my makeup in an Uber. Hence why I’ll sleep in my workout clothes if I have a morning sweat sesh so I can sleep a little longer. Hence why I will literally paint a fresh layer of nail polish over an existing coat every day, for a week straight, so I don’t have to start from scratch. Haha. Yeeeeup.

Despite Cyn and I getting busier and busier, this year I’ve been SOOO good about sticking to my workouts. NOT SO GOOD about eating healthier. Definitely not so good about remembering to take my vitamins. Which honestly, I didn’t stop to think about until Cyn sent me an email saying, “Have you heard of those adult gummy vitamins by OLLY? They were interested in sponsoring us for a review.”

Olly Vitamins Review

I was like, “Dang… I don’t think I’ve taken a daily vit in… I don’t even KNOW how long.” So I was actually really excited about this little experiment and trying OLLY. So much so that after I researched, I then searched Twitter (@TheVioletFog ps!) to see what people were saying about it…

I actually tweeted the girl below to see if her sleep vits worked but she never wrote me back. (Sad face)

Found this girl’s tweet though… so… maybe?

ANYWAY.  An OLLY Vitamins Review. So they wanted to send us the Super Foods Multi-Vitamin. I said if they give me a month to really see if I stick to it and like it, then YES! We’ll do it. (Obviously I stuck to it and liked it because one month later… here I am.)

Olly Vitamins Review
(I usually just kept them on my dresser. Sometimes nightstand… it rotated.)

Here’s the two main things I like about the OLLY Super Food Multi-Vitamin:
1. Has all the daily essential vitamins and minerals AND offers of a kicker of 10 added phytonutrients (found in certain parts of plants) from specific “super foods” <— that last part is not usually in standard multi-vitamins.
2. Soooo easy to take. Two a day. No water needed. And less effort = a happier me hehe.

Olly Vitamins Review

Full Disclosure: Cyn didn’t want to take them because she thought they had too much sugar in them. Me? I figured I’d rather have a litttttle extra sugar and actually get my vitamins than not take them at all. Since my track record has been crap with normal vitamins (and maybe I’m just 5 years old at heart), the OLLY gummies have been great for me.

Olly Vitamins Review
(Two OLLY’s as I leave for my workout class. Trying to put myself in that healthy state of mind. 😉 )

Olly Vitamins Review

So overall my Olly Vitamins review is a positive one. I mean… I can’t tell if they’ve actually made me healthier or not but I AM taking my vitamins now and how could that not be a plus?

Oh… and something I wasn’t looking for but actually noticed just now while typing:
After 30 consistent days of taking my OLLY vitamins… My nails have been growing faster and stronger lately. Seriously been cutting them more. I’ve been around a handful of sick people this past month and haven’t yet gotten sick. The whites of my eyes look brighter. And when I was on my period I didn’t break out HALF as bad as I normally do. (TMI? Whatever– girl talk!) So… coincidence? Not sure! But something to note.

 Olly Vitamins Review
YAY Olly! I like you! If you guys want to try it, I know you can get 20% off your first order with the code SUPER20. (Ends 3/30/16) But das coo. 😉 If y’all try it, let me know what you think!