Let’s talk OMAKASE!!

We’re so lucky, SF. There are many great places to enjoy some bomb ass sushi in this city.

But this place is different.

Different in the sense that it’s CHEAPER and more authentic than anything else you’ll find in the city for this type of quality. Really, really.

It’s in Inner Richmond. And you’ve gotta go.

Let me introduce you to Wako, a super legit and authentic sushi restaurant that won’t let you down.

The best part of all?

The omakase menu costs only $76 bucks per person!

Let me just compare that to other restaurants of this caliber in the city:

Pabu $110, Omakase $150,  Kusakabe (1 Michelin Star) $95

I’d say this place is top 3 sushi restaurants in SF–> in my very personal opinion.

So anyways.

For $76 a person, you get a delicious 7-course omakase meal in the following order:

A starter, sashimi course, warm/cooked course, tempura course, 8-piece nigiri, miso soup and dessert.

Here are the stand outs

Wako Review 2

Starter: Each component on this plate is meant to be eaten individually. See the three fried things on the bottom left?

I forgot what it’s called- so I’m calling them fish chips. They’re the BEST chips ever and a total party in my mouth- crunchy, salty, crispy, deliciousness.

Wako Review 3

Sashimi: Blue fin tuna & Hamachi. You could probably tell from this photo that all four pieces were great quality. You could also guess that I wished there was more (drooollssss). 

Wako Review 4

The third course is a steamed cod with veggies. It’s a bold move by the Chef to stay away from grilled or seared cod (that’s what most restaurants have), so this is a very unique and a signature cooked dish at Wako. But while this was delicious, I prefer my fish raw (insert: that’s what she said).

Wako Review 5

The tempura course was PHENOMENAL. Maybe because anything fried is amazing? Every piece had just the right amount of breading (fried corn, veggies, fish). 

Wako makes sure you can taste the freshness of the ingredients while staying true to what tempura is all about.

Wako Review 6

The next series is a course of 8 pieces of nigiri.

All the nigiri was a hit, with just the right amount of sauce as they didn’t overpower the freshness and flavor of the fish. Here are a few pics:

Wako Review 7

Golden eye snapper

Wako Review 8

Seared hotate (scallop)

Wako Review 9


Wako Review 10

Stripe jack

Wako Review 11

And of course- fatty tuna (toro)

You don’t have to remember all this, just eat what the chef’s put in front of you and you’ll be more than satisfied.

Wako Review 12

And lastly, the dessert is a delicious pudding with hidden fruits and textures inside. It’s not too sweet and very refreshing- a nice way to end the meal.

Wako Review 13

So to sum it all up:

If you’re looking for something less expensive, but just as impressive… Go to Wako.

You can add a la carte at the end of omakase (which we totally did, and at very reasonable a la carte prices).

Fun Fact: for those of you who are crazy sushi connoisseurs and can taste the difference in seaweed, they use the highest grade seaweed possible. It’s the same grade seaweed used at Jiro or Sushi Nakasawa in New York.

Tip: You HAVE to make your reservations in advance. It’s a small space with only ~20 seats. Get the bar seats.