So let me tell you about one of the most epic tasting menus I’ve ever had…

We planned a dinner (girl’s night out), thinking we were getting a 5-course meal.

Uhm. IMMEDIATE PLOT TWIST- It’s actually 14 different dishes.

Yes. I’m not bullshitting you. FOUURRTTEEENNN! Just insane you guys.  Anyway, our waiter (and the menu) said it was 5 courses. But what we didn’t know… is that there are multiple apps/dishes/sides within the 5 courses.

So needless to say, our girls night out ended up being a girls night in… sweats afterwards lol. SO FULL.

ORO is all about the family-style entrees that are meant to be shared.

Their menu is broken down into single bites ($4-$6), small plates ($11-$22), and large plates (~$50).

Now here’s the kicker… it can get pretty pricey REAL fast- especially if you’re ordering the large plates (which is ~$50 each).

So here’s what I suggest: Do the blind tasting menu. It’s served family style and it’s only $75 per person. This is one of the most affordable tasting menus in the city that will leave you breathless… literally. As in you won’t be able to breathe afterwards if you keep your pants buttoned lol.  Someone will have to roll you out of there. (Did you guys catch me and Katey’s snap of this dinner?!)

The best way I can state it is… is that ORO is quietly unique. Authentic… but in the most understated way. They are the quiet cool kid in the SF restaurant scene. I like that about them!

Oro SF Review-10

Our first course came with three different appetizers. My favorite was the beef tartare with cured egg yolk and smoked mussels, on a grain crostini.

The other stand out is the chicken liver mousse with grape jelly on a very thin brown rice cracker.


Oro SF Review-9

Next we had the charcuterie board. Everything is made in-house. I might even like it better than the boards at True Normand!

Oro SF Review-7

A MAJOR standout of the night are the pig ears, not knowing what to expect (sounds kinda weird, right?)… we were actually blown away by how DAMN GOOD they are. If there’s one thing you NEED to try here… it’s this. Trust me. You’ll thank me later.

Oro SF Review-5

And this? This is what it looks like when your business partner (ahem: Katey), digs into the food before you get a picture of it (Cue: evil eyes). lol

Since their tasting menu changes often, I won’t go into all the details of the other 10+ items. Instead, we’ll talk about the dining experience and why you need to make rezzies pronto!

ORO is so finely dialed in through the details that many of those “wow” moments we experienced throughout our dinner were found (and tasted) during times we least expected it… or weren’t looking for it. Like sitting down at the beautiful black walnut tables, and resting your elbows on them only to be like “damn this table is soft!” Such a weird thing to say (Katey said it), but something you appreciate! Me on the other hand… I LOVED the tiny details that went into every dish.

We also learned that the space was once a Firefighter station, and to keep some of the history alive– they maintained the beautiful, understated tile throughout the place. It’s just a cool spot!

Oro SF Review-8  Oro SF Review-6 Oro SF Review-4 Oro SF Review-3 Oro SF Review-2 Oro SF Review-1

ORO is tucked away in Mint Plaza and evenings are fun with a fancy-but-laid-back social scene. It’s great for happy hour, perfect for impressing in-laws, date-nights, and for just grabbing a unique and impressive bite to eat! You guys must try it! And tell me if you do the blind tasting menu!

(In SoMa)
8 Mint Plz
San Francisco, CA 94103
at Jessie St