Let’s get real… the best part about rocking sneakers all day is that you know you’re going to be sooo comfy the entire time. You’re more likely to walk places instead of drive. The ease of a pair kicks is just too enticing– which is why half the week (at least) you’ll see Cyn and I wearing ours.

But we also wouldn’t wear them if they weren’t cute as heck. Edgy too.

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So this post we thought we’d show you some outfits we wear with our sneaks, as well as the styles we really like and why. You know.. just in case sneakers are something you want to start incorporating into your style. Or if you already have them and would like some other ideas on how to wear them!

Outfits to wear with sneakers:

outfits to wear with sneakers 2
Style Math: Kicks + Shirt Dress + Leather Jacket + Floppy Hat + Necklace
Perfect for: Running errands, a happy hour at a bar, meeting friends for lunch…

outfits to wear with sneakers 8
Style Math: Kicks + cuffed jeans (distressed, skinny, or even boyfriend style) + loose tee with a side tuck + denim vest
Perfect for: Running around town, anything casual… happy hours, going out at night to a laid back bar

outfits to wear with sneakers 9
Or ditch the vest and spice up the accessories. Kind of a cool juxtaposition of casual meets a littttle glam!

outfits to wear with sneakers 1
Style Math: Kicks + denim skirt + baby doll (tight fitting) tee + fun little side bag + a few colorful bangles
Perfect for: Well… a warm day haha. Errands, BBQ’s, sports games… just a fun sporty kind of look!

outfits to wear with sneakers 3
Style Math: Kicks + skinny jeans + loose flannel + jacket that hits higher than where the flannel ends + long necklace + optional beanie
Perfect for: A sporty cute look for running errands, meeting friends for lunch or happy hour… casual nights out when it’s chilly

outfits to wear with sneakers 7
Style Math: Kicks + jogger pants + semi tucked tanktop + jean jacket + necklace + side purse + optional bangles
Perfect for: Seriously for when you are bloated or lazy and just want to FEEL like you are still wearing pajamas but not LOOK like you are in pajamas. Great day time look.

outfits to wear with sneakers 6
Style Math: Kicks + pencil skirt + tighter fitting sweater + necklace
Perfect for: Meeting the girls. They will appreciate the outfit– it’s out of the box and totally works! Also a way to look semi professional and still be super mobile throughout the day since you’ll be sans heels or boots.

–Kicks we love:

outfits to wear with sneakers 5
Freaking A these are so so dope. And my rust orange ones are on sale for $35! (Kinda pissed I paid full price last year!)
Ugh the contrast of the white stripe on solid black. Yes oh yes.
REALLY THOUGH… ASOS never disappoints their ADIDAS. Seriously. Peep their collection of OGs!

outfits to wear with sneakers 11
Classic Converses
Converses are one the one sneaker that looks almost cooler once they get a little beat up. So you can get a lot of life out of them! The low tops are the easiest (cream is my favorite!) but there’s something about high top converse’s that are so cool! P.S: Cyn’s are brand new with this extra Lunaron Nike cushioning stuff in them– makes them extra comfortable! A little more expensive but so so worth it for that added comfort. <– Thank you to our reader Linh who is such a G for finding us this link! 🙂 

outfits to wear with sneakers 4
Nike Blazers
Seriously some of the raddest high tops on the market. I wear mine all the time.
Can’t go wrong with the solid black! My good friend Anna has these and they are sooo sick.
The light grey ones would go with a lot too!

Nike Pegasus 83 ||  (Honorable mention: New Balance 420s/620s — also dope. Good collection at Urban!)
The Pegasus 83 collection has LOTS of choices. For whatever reason, these have always been the most flattering for elongating legs too. In my opinion! Also the most comfy. My favorites in this collection is the all maroon pair and the dark green with teal accent ones. Wowwwww I need to make more money… like, yesterday.

What are your favorite style sneaks?! Any you recommend or can’t live without? Also.. when it comes to actual outfits to wear with sneakers.. do you have a go-to uniform? Share! Share!! 🙂

Photography by: Daniel Fabia

Katey Yurko
Katey || INFP || Founder/Director of Violet Fog ||

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Katey Yurko

Katey || INFP || Founder/Director of Violet Fog ||

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  1. Linh

    Love this!!! Love the Converse 2s, I think I will get them now… I was wondering what shoes they were when I saw you two shopping on snap!

    Would be awesome to see a post on business casual looks! 🙂

  2. Violet Fog
    Violet Fog

    For real girl– you rock. Thank you so much! Changing up the post now 🙂

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Oh Lord almighty…. Had two windows up with comments. I am a mess! *face palm* My sincere apologies!! Changing now!! Forgive me? Appreciate you Linh!!

  3. Rad | The Snobby Foodie

    OMG. You guys make this style look so perfect. I’m currently contemplating how I can pull it off. Also- where did you get that tighter fitting sweater from?

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      You can totally pull it off girlfriend. The sweater is old! Ralph Lauren– but I feel like there’s often old school Ralph swearers floating around in some thrift shops though. But I do see a lot of tighter crew neck sweaters in a lot of stores lately too! I love em. Very flattering and warm!


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