Lately Cyn has a thing for white jeans. Maybe you do as well!

I myself want a pair but just haven’t bought some yet. Eyeing these bad boys though. (J brand denim is straight up magic, always looks good! Just expensive…?)

But anyway. If you get the right kind of denim (thicker vs. a cheap stretchy) white jeans can be really flattering. They’re bright, statement making… very All American girl kinda thing.

So if you have a pair and you want some outfit inspiration– here’s a little style log of Cynthia’s fits lately.

Outfit 1: White jeans + striped top + denim vest (or jacket) + fun kicks
Perfect for daytime errands or casual outings. Comfortable and still cute.

outfits with white jeans

outfits with white jeans4

PC: Daniel Fabia

Tip: When you’re not wearing them- sunglasses hung over the shirt (instead of on your head or in your purse) make a cute accessory! Also, got a loose watch? Wear it higher up on the arm.

Outfit 2: (Dressed up version of Outfit 1) White jeans + striped shirt + black blazer or jacket + nude heels
Great for date night, girl’s night, or… any night really! Or work if you like jazzing it up a bit. This outfit has a lot of versatility.

outfits with white jeans1

outfits with white jeans3

PC: Daniel Fabia

Outfit 3: White jeans + long duster coat or sweater + cropped (or regular) tank + ankle booties + long necklace
This outfit is sliiiightly dressed up but certainly not over the top. And it’s comfortable. Great for happy hours, weekends, etc.

outfits with white jeans6

outfits with white jeans8

PC: Daniel Fabia

Outfit 4: White Jeans +solid colored tank + patterned kimono + different solid colored purse
This can read as a dressed up or dressed down outfit. Attitude comes into play! Casual or slightly dolled up… this outfit really can swing either way.

outfits with white jeans5

outfits with white jeans9

outfits with white jeans7

PC: Ryan Chua

What kind of outfits with white jeans are you coming up with? Do you have a favorite or go-to combo? Cyn’s going to need new ideas soon lol. 😉 


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