BLANKETS. Of shaved ice cream snow.

That’s what you get when you visit Powder. And IT. IS. DELICIOUS.

The texture is light and fluffy, the toppings make it even better… there’s a reason why people are flocking to this cute little ice cream shop on Divisadero. It’s not only pretty, and tasty, it’s…. something different. Not a dessert you see everyday.

AND DID I MENTION LESS CALORIES THAN REGULAR ICE CREAM? Yessss. Before toppings, a regular sized snow is give or take 150-200 calories. And it’s MORE than enough to satisfy. I know that’s something VFers can get behind. (And they’re going to be at our BOOK CLUB this Tuesday the 7th!)

The owners were former Techies who wanted to change the game for themselves. Why not? Sometimes in life you just gotta go for it you know? So they did just that and created a local spot for San Franciscan’s and visitors to enjoy their favorite Taiwanese shaved snow! It has been quickly making a name for itself in the Bay Area.

When you walk in, you automatically see how it works just by reading the menu:

Powder Shaved Snow SF (2 of 12)
You can get minimal toppings, like this horchata diddy with almonds…

Powder Shaved Snow SF (10 of 12)
Or go more fancy and order something like the BIG EASY (which was the first I had ever tried awhile ago and let me tell you– divine.)

Powder Shaved Snow SF (3 of 12)
There’s even a cute little place to sit outside, with wooden benches and plants.

Powder Shaved Snow SF (7 of 12)
Where the magic happens:

Powder Shaved Snow SF (8 of 12)

Powder Shaved Snow SF (5 of 12)
This one right here is BLACK SESAME. #BombAssDankAss

Powder Shaved Snow SF (4 of 12)
Look at those SHEETS!!! Don’t you just want to dig a spoon into that? *heart eyes* *drool*

Powder Shaved Snow SF (11 of 12)
Horchata is BY FAR one of my favorite flavors. Right up there with Black Sesame.

Powder Shaved Snow SF (9 of 12)

Powder Shaved Snow SF (1 of 12)

Y’all gotta try POWDER.
Recommendation” is putting it lightly… it’s more like: forcing you to go if I could– KNOWING full well you would thank me later. 😉

Visit Powder at 260 Divisadero St.

Powder Shaved Snow SF: @PowderShavedSnow