If you can make it to the next book club (stay tuned) YA GOTTA COME.

It was soooooooo much fun. Think drinks, networking, friendships in the making, food, music… the LEAST judgmental room you’ve ever walked into. It was a beautiful thing! We all had a BLAST.

Seriously, the caliber of women there was A+ baby. Nice girls club. Smarties. Girls doing cool things. The Violet Fog community is growing and it’s so fun to be able to meet people in person!

Sorry for the lack of good photos, we were so busy having a ball that we didn’t really utilize our cameras LOL. Next time… we will. 😉

First off– GOTTA tell you how cute the venue is where we hosted it: MONROE in North Beach. This lounge is SO SEXY inside. And while it’s a blast to go to on weekends, it’s also the perfect event space. Literally everyone there was loving the place. Ya gotta go if you’re ever in the neighborhood!

One of the STARS from the night was calligraphy artist Amanda Mork. She’s local (Holla Oakland!) and she created the most BEAUTIFUL “Brain Is The New Ass” mural for us! It was a hit. Ladies were taking pics in front of it all night. It was so cool to showcase her work! Check out her website if you’d like more info!

Amanda is so damn talented!

This last book club, we partnered with The Stylist LA which is like Rent The Runway– but better. They have more on trend dresses and their customer service is TOP notch. They really make the whole thing an experience and not just a check in, check out type deal. Plus they have a storefront on Union Street as well! For the SF gals who’d rather try on their dresses instead of just ordering online. The girls were SO SWEET and even donated a free dress rental to a winner!

By the way– @Dana.Fitness is a new fitness girl crush of ours! So fun talking with her.

We had Bob’s Donuts there! Which y’all really loved– we saw the posts and IG stories! Bob’s Donuts are bomb diggity. As you can see from VF reader @10KCalories and @acocktailaday.SF… these were a hit.

Brown Sugar tan boutique donated a free airbrush spray tan to a lucky winner as well! The Stylist LA girls loooove Brown Sugar tan. And I’ve heard great things. They are also located on Union Street. My friend just went there and she said it was one of the best spray tans she’s ever gotten.

The head BAWSE Doreen (Girl Crush!) of the new app TWIIRLY was there meeting bloggers and readers! Let me tell ya- sooo many intelligent and driven women were at this event.

One of the COOLEST giveaways we had came from MY FAVORITE skincare place in the city– Pacific Plastic Surgery. This place, the people who work there… SUPER impressive. So smart. And the office front is just sexy. Y’all know I am BIG (BIG BIG BIG) into skincare. I recommend this place 100%. They donated SIX red light therapy treatments to a Violet Fog reader. (That’s over $500 worth!) Ohhhh how badly I wanted to keep that gift for myself lol.

Some of the talented and cool women who were there:

@brass.blush-she has a blog launching soon! Sweetest girl.

@LifeWithBela -this girl was LIFE of the party. Her blog is awesome too. Homegirl gets REAL.

@TheJenProject – skincare nut (love it) and INCREDIBLE baker! See her site HERE.

@erin_wiggins of The Pretty Pink Pout. This girl does influencer marketing for SEPHORA and always brings the coolest products to Violet Fog events for the readers!!

@LoveChauntie who is a boss ass woman who talks skincare, makeup, and entrepreneur life! Her site is HERE.

@10KCalories who has a kickass insta foodie account and JUST moved here from Denver!

@Dyannaluna who blends both fitness and fashion. Her blog is HERE. Also a native San Franciscan so she’s a unicorn. 😉

Kara of @TwoAndTheCity — she’s one of the head gals at The Stylist LA and her and her BFF have a CUTE blog together!

@acocktailaday.sf has the goal of finding all the BEST drinks in the city! Holla girl.

I sooo hope y’all come to the next event! It’s a girl’s night party. SO FUN.

Our next event is Thursday July 13th (7:30pm) at FLYWHEEL where VFers get a FREE spin class and then we’re all going to go to drinks after! Info HERE