I once went on a date with this tech nerd (love, love the nerds) and we were at this really nice restaurant. When my steak came, I cut up about half of it before I started eating and when I looked up, I saw my date with this… perplexed look on his face. A look that said, “Uh Space Cadette?! What are you doing?” It was like:

Apparently you’re supposed to only cut one piece at a time. Uh, what? I HAD NO CLUE. Or maybe I did… and just forgot?

Needless to say we didn’t work out haha.

Another dining “offender” of mine: For a few years I dated a guy whose family was super fancy. We’d go out to these ornate dinners… and ALL the time his little sister used to call me out -for all to hear of course- for forgetting to put my napkin in my lap. I know, the HORROR! lol. (To her credit… I never forget my napkin these days.)

One day Cynthia and I are talking (I’m telling her these stories) and.. you know, she’s a food journalist, so she always has to be on point with her dining etiquette. She said, verbatim: “What?! Girl! You gotta know this shit. If I had to learn all of this stuff… so can you.”

I agreed. Why not be prepared anyway? You never know who you’ll want to impress or what setting you’ll find yourself in. Plus, #LifeSkillzYo


Alright guys – there isn’t that much to remember and if anything, this could act as a tune up for the dining skills we already have.

True Story: Too many 5 star places would have banned us from their establishment if we took pictures like these in their restaurant lol. So shout out to the newest (and cutest) restaurant Belga for accommodating our special requests.

Number one…

DO: Put your napkin on your lap.
Pretty obvious, but also when you are done with the meal, place the napkin neatly on the table — clean side up, always. No need to refold it though.

FD-Napkin on lap

DO: Leave your napkin on your chair when you get up to use the restroom.
Usually, a server will come and fold it back neatly for you. So tedious, it’s kind of annoying.. but it is what it is!

melissademataphoto-violetfog-fine-dining-etiquette-7314 (1)

 DON’T: Ask for salt or pepper before taking a bite.
It’s super insulting to the chef. It’s kinda like telling them their master piece wasn’t good enough. And we don’t want anyone spitting on our dessert after… jk.

melissademataphoto-violetfog-fine-dining-etiquette-7363 (1)

DO: Break off a piece of bread at a time.

melissademataphoto-violetfog-fine-dining-etiquette-7355 (1)

DON’T: Take a big ass bite out of the bread.
No matter how hungry you are, don’t do it! And this is coming from a girl who can (proudly) inhale food in 2.5 seconds flat.

melissademataphoto-violetfog-fine-dining-etiquette-7292 (1)

DO: Use your napkin to wipe your mouth.
You can even do the “dab” like an old school English lady. 

melissademataphoto-violetfog-fine-dining-etiquette-7372 (1)

DON’T: Use your hands/ fingers.

melissademataphoto-violetfog-fine-dining-etiquette-7383 (1)

DO: Place your utensils in the 10:20 clock position.
This signals to the waiter/waitress that you are done eating. But honestly, they can get the hint if you just cross your utensils across the plate. Just wanted to give you the “proper” way since we’re talking real deal fine dining here.

melissademataphoto-violetfog-fine-dining-etiquette-7494 (1)

DON’T: Put your elbows on the table.
No matter how “engaged” you are in the conversation! Again, “fine dining.” And P.S… how hard am I cheesin’ here? Haha.

melissademataphoto-violetfog-fine-dining-etiquette-7280 (1)

DON’T: Leave your phone, keys, purse, etc on the table.
Obvious, but just covering all the bases!

melissademataphoto-violetfog-fine-dining-etiquette-7403 (1)

DO: Cut one piece of your dish a time.
Do not cut the whole piece of meat/whatever it is into several pieces before eating. (ahem: Katey)

melissademataphoto-violetfog-fine-dining-etiquette-7506 (1)

 Hopefully that was a good refresher! Do any of you guys have any funny fine dining/dinner stories? You KNOW we want to hear them!

Violet Fog
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  1. Rad

    Yeahhh. The utensil rule is big. I never know how to set them on my plate when I’m done.


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