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So Katey and I are COMPLETE opposites. Read Part 1 (from Katey’s point of view).

I’m a total foodie. She eats like a rabbit.

I hate writing captions. She LOVES coming up with quirky one-liners.

Katey tries to find meaning in EVERYTHING…  stars, planets, books, people, you name it. Even emojis! Me on the other hand? Definitely not as deep of a thinker.

The one thing we have in common is that we’re both extremely entrepreneurial and very creative. But… we’re creative in completely opposite ways.

Katey is the dreamer (Type B/ INFP), she can come up with a million and one ideas off the top of her dome. But if you left it up to her to execute those ideas, she’d probably get distracted and start cleaning her room… or foam rolling (true story).

I’m the opposite (Type A/ ESFJ). I get things done right away and I LOVE to cross off items on my to-do lists. But I can’t come up with nearly half the crazy ideas that she can in .05 seconds.

Which is why we make such a great team. I keep her on track with little tasks, she comes up with the best ideas ever, then we execute those ideas together. Sometimes we drive each other crazy, but at this point… I’ve learned to speak her language.

(Cyn: Blue || Katey: Gray)

Even when I simply ask her one question… I can always count on her to blow up my phone with a million ideas.

That’s mah girl!! She can answer you with the QUICKNESS! But when you ask her about going to breakfast in the morning…

Notice the time stamp… it was 12:41 AM… and she can’t commit to breakfast at 10 AM!? lol… drives me cray.

But at least she’s committed to this tradition of bringing presents whenever she’s late:

But when she tells our intern that she can turn in her work past the due date without consulting me… (cue: evil eyes)

It’s okay though (deep breath), telling myself “it’s not the end of the world.”

But I love it when she catches grammatical errors (while hot-glue-gunning) that you can’t see lol.

When she wants our website, messages, and captions to be racially inclusive… I am about that too, but she REALLY drives that point home.

See?! I told ya’ll that she can and will find meaning in everything… EVEN EMOJIS.

And thank G, that one of us is fashion-savvy. Otherwise our “dinner etiquette” post would definitely not have looked “Fine Dining.”

Ribbed cotton?? Is that a thing? Who knew!

Also love how she thinks we can get sued over a quote… wait can we??

We always go back and forth when discussing catchy titles to match our content. But when she feels REALLY strongly about an idea… she will dive DEEP into research and talk your ear off… until you agree with her.

By the way, she just told me that she MADE THAT LAST PART UP and doesn’t know for sure if they said that back in the old days. (“I had to convince her…. that was a good line.” -Katey) OMG. Drives me crzy…

And this girl loves fonts. I’ll admit she picks good ones, but only after she tried 100 other ones that NO ONE CAN READ.

Deadlines, being late…. Nope. The only time Katey gets anxiety is when my closet isn’t organized.

It’s no secret that Katey is always the late one, her “20-30 minutes” actually means “I’m working on it right now, but I might get distracted, so I’ll FOR SURE have it to you in maybeee an hour.” Seriously. Note the time stamps you guys…

Lately though, she’s gotten WAY better!! It’s hard to believe… trust me, I know. 😛

And the ONE time that I’m late?…. She takes the opportunity to really rub it in… all over Snapchat too!

But even though she drives me CRAZY (with emojis, titles, hard-to-read fonts) I wouldn’t trade her for anyone in the world! Katey is one of the hardest workers I know (…when focused lol). She will stay up ALL NIGHT brainstorming, or hot glue gunning our flower letters together, or editing our posts, or working on creating the best content for all our readers. She never slacks.


Have any of you guys worked with a “creative/dreamer/type B” personality?? Share some stories with us!

Oh and a tip for my fellow type A’s: Daily To-Do lists. It took some time, but she’s learned to love them as much as me now!

Violet Fog
Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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