Keeping up with the Portland, Oregon articles this week (Bay Area peeps love to visit the PDX!) I wanted to feature Silas Sao– my very favorite Portland photographer. The man is so talented!

Now are two types of accounts I enjoy following on Instagram:

1. Violet Fog readers. (This summer I stopped following “too perfect” bloggers and started following more of the real-life-honest and kickass women who read this publication. The result of this is me feeling way more happy and inspired.)

2. Reaaaaalllly good photographers. When a photographer has that… je ne sais quoi vision and their photographs just captivate- you bet your ass I’m going to follow! haha. Beautiful photos stir me up, and remind me how f*cking COOL the world is.

Alright, so back to stunning views to check out near Portland! (Y’all know I like to start off with something a little personal.) When writing this article, Silas came to mind. I wanted his suggestions because he knows Portland so well! And duh… I wanted to feature his photos. They are SOOOO good. I hope to meet him one day because he just seems awesome too. (Check out his instagram– you’ll see what I mean!)

So, Three gorgeous Nature-y views within an hour of Portland that are SO worth the visit. According to Mista Silas Sao!

1. Pittock Mansion — 3229 NW Pittock Dr, Portland, OR 97210
Pittock Mansion view
“This is Pittock Mansion at sunrise. I like going here for sunrise, because it’s quiet and peaceful. Looking over Portland at the surrounding trees and peak of Mt. Hood, I’m reminded why I love living in a city like this.”

2. Sherrard Pointmore info here
Sherrad Point Oregon
“Sunrise at Sherrard Point. You can see 5 mountain tops from this single point. It’s nothing short of breathtaking and by far my favorite place to enjoy a sunrise.”

Sherrad Point Mt. Hood
“This is from Sherrard Point as well. This is when you’re walking up to the point or walking down from the point. I loved how the nature framed Mt. Hood perfectly :)”

3. Moulton Falls — 27781 NE Lucia Falls Rd, Yacolt, WA 98675
Moulton Falls Washington
“This is Moulton Falls. It’s actually in Washington, but still only about an hour out. This is a peaceful place to enjoy a nice walk and view of the bridge.”

Big thank you to Silas Sao! If you want to “get lost” in some rad artwork, I recommend checking out his website , it’s dope y’all. (Definitely check out his portrait/people work! Especially of his lady- so so sweet.) And if you like beautiful photos popping up on your feed: @Silassao!! <— Too good.

Silas Sao website
Silas Sao instagram