Sometimes just the smallest tweak or addition can make all the difference in taking an outfit from “missing something” to “pulled together” or “so cute!”

Got a blouse? (or button down?) Cool! You often might wear it untucked, or tucked into something high-waisted.

But what if you want to wear it tucked in but with something that isn’t high waisted enough? You try, but second you lift an elbow it’s like… pure side ab. You’re not going to keep your arms down the whole time- because ummm… you’re not a statue, you’re a mobile human BEING… but leaving it untucked might hit at an unflattering angle too. Damn. One trick?…

So do the front n’ center tuck!

Simple Style Math: Literally just pinch the very center of the hem of your blouse and tuck JUST that part front and center. Let the rest drape out. It should actually “flow” pretty nicely.

With jeans, I like to add a belt too. Yanno… just for that extra flair when ya feelin’ fancy.
Photos by: Brandon Tran (Last two by Daniel Fabia.)

Katey's Outfit-4

Katey's Outfit-7

Here’s without a belt.. and with boyfriend jeans:

Here’s a button down style worn more casually using the front and center tuck:

Schwwwwing. lol.

With a short sleeve blouse… (from the VF insta

I use this styling trick allllllll the time. It’s so easy and always looks cool, polished. It’s great.

Here’s some other tucks but regarding your standard tees. 🙂

Katey Yurko
Katey || INFP || Founder/Director of Violet Fog ||

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Katey Yurko

Katey || INFP || Founder/Director of Violet Fog ||

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      Oh girl– believe it or not they are F21!! They are my favorite black ankle booties!


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