Lawwwd almighty if there is one cravable spot in San Francisco: It’s SOUVLA.

Fast-casual and flavorFULL. It’s basically the perfect restaurant to grab a bite. The ambiance is light and cheery and the food is just excellent. No really, excellent. It’s the kind of place that you recommend to visitors. The kind of place where you meet friends, knowing you’re all going to go to town on some insanely good food. Like if someone told me they didn’t like Souvla, my jaw might hit the floor. I may not believe them.

When Katey first mentioned we were going here, I wasn’t expecting much. Just another pita place, right? Wrong.

Souvla is reasonably priced, has healthy options, and tastes good. It’s rare to get this food trifecta. Added bonus: the portions are huuuuge.

Yes it’s that good.

The way it works is you order Pork, Chicken, Lamb or Veggie and you get it in either a sandwich wrap or salad style.

If you can, get the wrap because the pita has a perfectly chewy texture.

Here’s their options (EVERYTHING IS GOOD. Yep— we’ve tried em all.)

Another great thing about Souvla is they used quality, organic meats.

American homestead pork shoulder with minted Greek yogurt, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onions, cucumbers and feta cheese

Chicken: Mary’s free range chicken with ranch dressing, fennel, navel oranges, pickled red onions, pea shoots and mizithra cheese

This salad was so fresh and the chicken was cooked perfectly. Souvla uses seasonal ingredients, so the navel oranges were a nice, fresh little add. The cheese was super light and didn’t overwhelm the greens.

Lamb: Superior farms lamb leg with harissa-spiked yogurt, cucumber, radish, pickled red onion and feta cheese.

Yumm. The lamb was moist and flavorful. We were all fighting over this one. Seriously, this place inspires me to make gyros at home. Also, their feta is crumbly and creamy- so good.

Veg: With sweet potato, garlic yogurt, chopped kalamata olives, toasted walnuts, pickled red onion, pea shoots, and mizithra cheese.

The pickled onions give a tartness to this dish that pair nicely with the nuts and cheese.

The lamb! Ugh to die for.

Katey here. Okay. And one thing we need to talk about– is their new private label ROSE. You guys. What the heck. This is the BEST rose I have had to date. And I’ve tried a LOT of rose… so please, do yourself a favor and get a glass. (You can also buy their private label at Bi-Rite market!)

Back to Radhika. 😉 This Greek rose tastes light, fresh, and not too sweet- and it goes well with the food. The restaurant imported these carafes from Greece too- aren’t they cute?

Souvla Greek fries…. something you could live off of.

They’re served with this Greek yogurt dipping sauce that makes me want to eat Greek food all the time.

Absolutely love their atmosphere. All locations are on cute sidewalks, with bright interiors. A wall of roasting chickens. Yogurt machines with classic style cups. Greenery, everywhere. Copper touches. You’ll love it.

Their froyo is INCREDIBLE. Like they should open their own little froyo shop. It’d have lines around the block.

How funny is this?! 😛 Team Violet Fog getting that shot. (Plus Natalie from Bake No Fake— which by the way, Souvla is her absolute FAVORITE restaurant in San Francisco.)

Says Katey: The OLIVE OIL yogurt is unlike any other. And if that sounds gross to you, believe me it’s not. It’s mostly sweet with a touch of salty/savory and oooooh is it good. It’s my favorite froyo in the entire city. I love it even more than Loving Cup! *gasp* lol… it’s true. And now I want some.

When we were all ordering, Katey was like “we should get different types so we can get a cute photo.” And I looked at her like “Girllll, I’m getting olive oil and ain’t nobody stoppin’ me.” I usually can’t eat too much ice cream because it tends to be too rich. This Olive Oil frozen yogurt didn’t make me feel that way… and I ate the entire thing. If I got it again, I would ask for less sea salt. But that’s just me.

So Souvla has locations in NoPa, Hayes Valley, and the Mission.
They are open 11am-10pm, 7 days a week.
Visit their site HERE and their Instagram HERE.

Thank you Souvla! We love you!