Photos by: Daniel Fabia

I remember when I worked a 9 to 5, I often wore the classic “straight leg trouser.” You know… the “work pants.” Also sometimes called: “interview pants” or “when-I-go-to-court pants”… or “Giving-an-important-presentation pants”…

THOSE pants. They’re not my favorite, but sometimes I’d wear them to work with blouses or sweaters and a pair of pumps. I had a few pairs and since I’m not one to only wear something for one type of occasion, I wanted to find a cool way to restyle them more casually for something outside of work. More bang for my buck kinda thing.

And Here’s all you gotta do.

ROLL THEM. Show some ankle. That’s it.

Just roll em tight but a little slopply. Purposely unkempt… it’s a thing. Loose fitting ones or form fitting works, as long as there is not too much of a flair. Generally it goes skinny ankle, to straight ankle, to bootcut, to flair. So I’m talking straight-leg trousers, maaaaaybe some bootcut if the roll stays up! (And isn’t too bulky.)

A few outfits I wore casually with my old straight leg trousers:

+Love to pair them with sandals, canvas sneakers, and oxfords
+Also cute with
-baggy sweaters
-fun jackets and a tee tucked in
-billowy tops with extra accessorizing for a more boho vibe



Do you ever repurpose your work outfits? How do you do it?

PS: How cute could these “work” pants translate into a day or night outfit? Seriously the perfect black pair. And these… these would be fun too! 😉