Remember that one time the leader of the free world came to visit San Francisco? Well, this is where he ate. If Pres. Obama came here to eat dinner, that’s when you KNOW it’s bomb. Right??

And nope, don’t worry- it doesn’t cost a car payment to be able to experience what Spruce is about.

But even if it did, it would totally be worth every penny.

So let me tell you about Spruce, a one star Michelin restaurant nestled in the neighborhood of Presidio Heights.

They serve an impressive menu where their Spruce burger is equally as impressive as the New York strip steak. Basically, it seems like anything short of perfection is considered failure here. Their menu changes quite often, so I won’t bore you with all the details- just know that everything was fantastic, the service was phenomenal, and even all the wine pairings were on-point.


Oh, and can we just talk about the interior for a second? Everything about this place screams details!! On the right side is the bar with bottles assorted by colors?? And on the left is the glamorous fine-dining room separated by a huge glass wall. Soooooooooo pretty and chic. 

 Spruce 1

For our first appetizer, we ordered the sea scallops ($23). These diver scallops from Massachusetts are seared, then bathed in a shrimp confit. It was honestly one of the most delicious and inventive appetizer’s I’ve ever tasted with a perfectly browned exterior.

Side: this photo is actually just half the order. They knew we were sharing, so they split the dish for us (what great service, right?!)

Spruce 2

Next, we had the seared Sonoma foie gras ($28).

Let’s just all take a moment and LOOK at how the top is perfectly crisped-!!! Seriously, it was so dense, buttery and pretty darn delicious. The fig, corn bread and walnut puree made a really unique combination of flavors.

Spruce burger

Next, I couldn’t help myself and HAD to order the famous burger ($18). Spruce has a nice take on it using English muffins as buns, the extra order of bacon was thick and crispy, and the patty was cooked to a perfect medium rare.

Tip: If you want to experience Spruce, but don’t have the budget for it… come here and grab a bar seat. Get THIS burger. Yeah, it does cost 18 bucks, but you’re eating a Michelin star burger and it’s one of the best in the city.

Spruce 4

For our second entree, we ordered the crispy fried quail ($34). Let’s just say that if I wasn’t sitting in such a nice restaurant, I’d totally use both hands to dig in.

The quail had just the right amount of breading and the meat was soft and tender on the inside- it practically fell off the bones-!!! Ridiculous.

Spruce 5

So you think you know New York strip steak ($52)?  Well, don’t know anything until you’ve tried their 14-day dry aged New York  steak. And check out that^ bone marrow to dip it in. MmMmm.

Every bite had a nice crispy texture on the outside, while the meat remained soft and flavorful. If this is still on the menu while you’re there, you HAVE to get it. Trust me.

Spruce 6

For dessert, we had the strawberry financier ($12) with white chocolate, rhubarb and creme fraiche ice cream. This tasted just as amazing as it looks.

So it sum it all up:

Spruce is the type of place where every single detail matters. Come here to celebrate any occasion and you’ll have a meal you’ll never forget (I’m actually shocked that I haven’t been here sooner!). They’ve been around since 2007 and is STILL considered the best in the city.

So next time you want a BOMB ass dinner that won’t ever let you down–> go to Spruce. It’s also the perfect spot to impress business partners, parents and Presidents.

Address: 3640 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94118