Recently, I’ve gotten into natural beauty products because I’ve decided I don’t like putting a whole bunch of chemicals on my face. I like to know the ingredients in my product… and I like to know that it actually works. So over the past year, I’ve been searching far and wide for effective natural beauty products.

I reached out to INGLOT cosmetics because they had an ingredient we’re obsessed with at Violet Fog… apricot oil. If you’ve seen Katey’s Big Sur IG stories, you know she’s a HUGE fan. She even got me addicted (even though I’m usually the biggest skeptic ever). It goes on SO smooth and is super light, which is the case with INGLOT’s make up. Here’s a VF honest review on some of INGLOT’s products.

High Gloss Lip Oil

I LOVE this stuff. Before trying it, I had no idea what a lip oil even was. It goes on so smooth and gives a subtle shine- how a lip gloss should be. It’s not sticky like a traditional lip gloss.


This highlighter was a bit too shiny for me. The shimmer flecks were a bit too big for my taste. I prefer a more natural, finer powder. Katey was a fan of it.

AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow

Their metallic eye shadows are popping’ with color. I shy away from bold eyeshadow, but these shimmery powders are perfect for highlighting the lower lid or the inner eye. Katey and Nao (our newest writer covering Portland) were HUGE fans.

Lash Enhancer Mascara

I may actually like this mascara more than my Dior, BUT it sometimes smears on my upper lid and upper cheek. The brush is really nice and makes the individual lashes stand out. It’s very light, which I like.

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Lipstick / Lip pencil

I LOVE Inglot’s lipstick (Rougue a Levres). It goes on smooth and gives you a concentrated pop of color. I would definitely buy it again. The lip liner (#61) is smooth and creamy and doesn’t dry your lips out.

Alright, so these products debuted at New York Fashion Week as part of the Fall 17/18 collection, and here’s some information about “the look”.

Breakdown / Products Used:

  • Eyes: You’ll find the cues of Black Amethyst in the soft, smoky effect around the eyes. The eyes are defined, but not overdone. We achieved a modern take on a smoky eye with INGLOT Eye Shadows in #498 (Metallic Grey), #36 (Silver) and #368 (Dermic Peach), finished off with a veil of #373 (Matte Snow White) to highlight and soften the edges. (Full Palette: $38, or, Individual Eye Shadows: $7 each)
  • Lips: Lips are bold and perfect, with layered blood red (INGLOT Lipstick #176, $13) and dark plum (INGLOT Lipstick Matte #435, $15) hues.
  • Skin: The skin is polished and softly contoured to exude health and wellness. Perfect, glowing skin is created using INGLOT AMC Foundation ($24) atop a rich cream and oil, without a lot of contour. The dermic peach eye shadow was used as blush and contour as well, finished with a glaze on the high cheek bone.

You can find these products in INGLOT flagship stores and in select Macy’s. For store locations, check here.


And here’s the “busy girl” rendition. 😉

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Senior Writer || Snob in Chief at The Snobby Foodie || ENTJ || Once went to four coffee shops in one day to find the best one...

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