Here is something I have always believed: Most “baggy” sweaters can be styled in a way that’s either, 1. chic. Or 2. Laid-back cool.

Today, we’re going to focus on the latter.

Photography by: Brandon aka DOPENSTEEZ (<< sick men’s blog!)

Inter-changeable terms for “baggy” would be loose-fitting or “Grandpa style” sweaters. You catch my drift. I freaking LOVE a baggy sweater. It’s like a constant hug.

**Quick side note: Are you down with Grandma BLOUSES? Yes. Grandma blouses. But for YOU.

Anyway- baggy sweaters. See how happy they make me?! Squint-smile happy!! 😛

You know what though? I think most women would be down with a baggy sweater that’s #OOTD worthy. Because, DUH- they’re comfy as heck!!! While a cropped jacket looks undoubtedly flattering, sometimes you just want to be cozy.

So here’s my favorite combination for cozy baggy sweaters and achieving a cool “laid-back” look:
(I wear this “uniform” with different variations allllllll the time.)

FIRST: Open baggy sweater (or cardigan)… paired over a loose fitting tee that subtly shows a some chest (not like I have boobs to show off…but a little décolleté never hurt anyone) Usually I rock crew necks! Which, to be fair, when crew necks are fitted they do also look great with a baggy sweater. So that’s another option.

NEXT: I almost always pair my baggy sweater with a pair of skinny jeans. Complete with the holy grail of my shoe closet: ANKLE BOOTIES. <— Seriously wrote a whole post on why I’m forever devoted to the ankle boot.

FINALLY: Optional accessories include a side purse, some bangles, and a floppy hat. Can’t ever have enough hats in my book. Also could be cute: A long pendant necklace.

OH, SOMETHING TO NOTE: This sweater is universal color so I knew I could pair it with practically any color. I highly recommend knowing your universal colors because it unlocks a wholleeeee notha’ world for putting outfits together.

OHX2: Another thing about the loose fitting shirt and this outfit. I always go with the “half tuck.” Big, big, fan of the half tuck.

If I left it untucked then my legs would look shorter as it hits at a place where I’m the “fullest” and… also I just have short ass legs.  A shirt that hits at my thigh is not my friend. I always tuck that ish. Half-tuck does the job! (Only a full tuck if it doesn’t add too much bulk.)

So that’s my laid-back baggy sweater steeze! Unfortunately this sweater isn’t available as it’s a thrifted piece. Most of my sweaters are thrifted btw.. I always find the best ones at thrift stores! I recommend thrift stores for sweaters 100%- and I have a guide to thrifting sweaters that explains my methodology on what to look for. 😉

Anyone else an avid sweater wearer? Cozy gal pride!

Photography by: Brandon aka DOPENSTEEZ. Love his work.