A lot of women have plenty of solids in their wardrobe. So hopefully this tip will be inspirational and useful to some of you! (No accessories needed!)

Photography by: DOPENSTEEZ

Olive on olive-32

This is an outfit idea for when you want to keep things simple but still make an impact. It’s not so much focused on the pairing of the pieces (as they can all be swapped out for something different) as it is focused on the pairing of the colors you choose.

Olive on olive-26This is a solid on solid on solid look.

The idea is picking 2 colors from the same color family and accenting it with a complimentary color.

Olive on olive-29Cynthia, for example:
Color family 1: Dark Olive. (jeans)
Color family 2: Light Olive. (top)
Color Family accent: Pastel pink. (jacket)

Olive on olive-7
The safest colors to accent with are pastels, navy’s/dark greens/maroons aka universal colors, and beiges. Muted blues work well too!

Olive on olive-15Possibly obvious tip: Pair the darker color on the bottom if you want to slim out your lower half. Or vice versa!

Olive on olive-20

Pro tip: Play around with different textures. Cyn’s wearing a mix of moto ribbed denim with plain cotton on top, and pleather up top. Rich textures can make an outfit look even more interesting. (And more expensive.. even if it’s not!)

Olive on olive-33
*Literally the look of death when Cyn’s pissed just sayin’*

Textures/style variation: 

Edgy and with a sheen on bottom (jeans)
Soft and flat on top (shirt)
Semi-sheen and tougher material overlay (jacket)

Who swears by this trick already? Or what are your favorite solid color combos?

Photography by: DOPENSTEEZ. (<— siiiiick SF men’s style blog, PS.)

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