I’m so serious about my logo tees. I have a love for logo tees that will. never. die.

Logo tees are classic, communicative, fun and cool at the same time. I’ve always dug wearing them.

Photography by: Brandon Tran || DopenSteez


While I love to wear them casually, I’m also fond of spicing them up for an event, girl’s night, date, or night out!

My favorite way to wear a logo tee dressed up for when I want to feel SASSY? I pair them with a patterned jacket. And keep the rest of my outfit anchored in classic, more muted colors. Maybe one small bold pop-out color.



Here’s my standards for what I consider the perfect logo tee: (aka whether I would buy it or not.)


1. Using cool or classic fonts that are readable

2.The message/photo/drawing/whatever it’s portraying has gotta embody at least one of these things:
Authentic: If I see it everywhere already or it’s feeling played out, I’ll pass.
Timeless: Is so damn classic that it never goes out of style? Love that.
Classy: Because I always try to be polite. 😉
Personal: Has to mean something to me but also add value. Whether that means it makes someone laugh or smile OR it just makes my outfit look that much more cool it has to convey that I put it on with care and thought.

3. Crew neck > V-neck
For my logo tees I just like the crew cut neckline better than the V-neck neckline because I think the latter doesn’t look as classic or cool as the first. I also think most images/words look better with a circular neck line above them than a pointed one. Does that make sense? Just my preference!

4. Comfy material
I don’t like too startch-y or stiff. Another reason logo tees are awesome is because they are usually super comfy too. 


Style Math: logo tee (half or front tucked) + skinny jeans (or flares with heels) + ankle booties + patterned or faux jacket that serves as a statement piece + side purse (This could be your bold color pop if you wanted one) + optional necklace, sunglasses (for a badass photo lol.)


One of my all-time favorite logo tees is this one I wear working out that simply says “NERD”… I just love it. Do you guys have a logo tee that you just love to wear? Or a certain way you like to style yours? Share!