In college, I was a coffee fiend- I’d drink an inordinate amount of coffee so I could stay up late studying. (Yeah- I was a nerd in the actual sense.) So I’d drink my coffee ALL the time in order to stay up- and it didn’t matter what type of coffee it was: instant, Starbucks, cheap break room coffee– I wasn’t as much of a snob back then. Today…. proud snob. lol

I’ve since minimized my coffee intake. Here’s why:

Coffee made me really upbeat and productive, but I would often feel extremely jittery afterwards. My brain would be running soooo fast yet I just couldn’t focus. Even when I talked to people, I would say a lot of things that I couldn’t remember later.

Coffee was a drink that would encourage my extrovertedness to a fault. The fault being: if I had nothing to do after drinking coffee, I would get super anxious and reel through a million things I had to do. Which sounds productive but wouldn’t give me the “wind down” I need at night in order to have a healthy night’s sleep. Like I’d be tired but couldn’t actually sleep well, if at all.

I’m all about efficiency and making life easier for myself… and coffee (or too much of it) was actually making me be a bit of the opposite. Disorganized. Anxious.

So I made some changes.

Recently, I switched over to tea, and I noticed I don’t have as many of those weird jittery side effects. So I did some research as to why this would be the case…

On average (I think we all know this but just to reiterate), a cup of tea has less caffeine than a cup of coffee, which means less jitters if you’re more sensitive to caffeine. You may be more sensitive to it than you think!

Also, tea is packed with polyphenols (a type of antioxidant), which slows the absorption of caffeine in the body. This is why I felt more sustained energy from tea as opposed to a jolt of sudden energy from coffee.

In the morning, my tea of choice is a Ceylon black tea or a English Breakfast. P.S I gotta have it with milk because I’m South Asian– and THAT is how proper chai is done y’all. 😉 At night, I like to drink a peppermint tea, which is super calming , reduces bloating, and is more full bodied than a chamomile tea. If I’m feeling snazzy, I toss some chopped ginger in my tea.

Don’t get me wrong- I still love a beautifully crafted latte made by the local hipster ( 😛 ) but I’m pickier about how often I drink it because the jitters…. the jitters get me! I save my coffee drinking habit for coffee shops that are high quality, so I enjoy my coffee, rather than using it as a crutch for energy. <—-Like Katey does. haha

If you’re not a milk tea kind of person, maybe try fruity/floral teas like these.

TeaPigs Review

Yeah,?teapigs sent me some shiz. And yes, I enjoyed it. So I’ll tell you about em’…

They recently come out with a few Feel Good teas that tackle the struggles of waking up, sustaining energy, and getting to bed.

Bright N Green: This tea has great flavor and is great for people who like a frutier tea.

Up Beet: This one tastes like a gingery green juice.

Snooze: I’m not a fan of chamomile tea, but this tea puts me out like a light. It has a calming lavender scent.

Regardless of whether I drink coffee or tea, when the clock strikes 1 PM, I stop drinking all caffeinated beverages. If I’ve consumed too much caffeine, I try to get a workout in before going to bed so I can work off the excess energy.

So- if you’re a coffee fiend – I encourage you to take a few days off & switch to tea. Just try it and see what it does for you. Is it better? Is it worse? Try it and let me know what you think!

TeaPigs Review1TeaPigs Review 2

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Senior Writer || Snob in Chief at The Snobby Foodie || ENTJ || Once went to four coffee shops in one day to find the best one...

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