If you’re looking for a day that starts off outdoors, beautiful, and exercise-y.
Then transitions into a gorgeous road trip.
And ends with something spectacular and relaxing…

I have got the itenerary for you.

Tahoe to Mammoth Lakes.

Boyfriend and I did this in one day and it was so much fun. We got a workout in and we ended sipping wine under a sinking sun in nature’s spa.

We did Horsetail Falls hike in Tahoe (on the tougher side but can be tailored to how you want it) to WILD WILLY’S in Mammoth Lakes. We stayed the night in Mammoth Lakes.

The entire drive? SO PRETTY. Like the kind of drive where you want to pull over every 5 minutes and just take in the views. Paired with a great playlist… you got yourself the most enjoyable road trip ever.

It’s to the WEST of Lake Tahoe.

Per Dan:
This trail is NOT marked well. So prepare for getting lost a little bit. Prepare to “create” your own hike.
-We went to go for a quick 2 hour hike and ended up losing track of time. 4 hours later we were back at the car.
-There were tons of great cool off points where you could jump into the water.
-Lots of cool spots to stop. Creeks, big ass rocks, trees that you can stand inside. Rocks to lay down on under shade.
-It’s a quiet trail. It’s cool that there isn’t many people and you can have it to yourself.
-Great 360 views.

Horsetail Falls Hike
You’ll be climbing some rocks!

Horsetail Falls Hike

Horsetail Falls Hike

Horsetail Falls Hike
Prepare to create your own little trail as it’s not marked well.

Horsetail Falls Hike
You know we found SHADE to lay under. 😉 No direct sunlight for this bish.

Horsetail Falls Hike

Horsetail Falls Hike Horsetail Falls Hike Horsetail Falls Hike
You’ll cross logs. You’ll see so much greenery all around. It’s truly stunning.

Horsetail Falls Hike
Okay me nap now. 😉


Rolling hills. Canyons. Trees. Big sky.

Wild Willy's Mammoth Lakes


If you plan it right at sunset…. omg. You are in for a treat.

This place is SO COOL. You park and then walk down a wooden path. There are two giant hot springs that feel soooo good on the skin. Exfoliating. Not gross at all. So so warm. Like a jacuzzi I kid you not. Lots of people bring beer or wine and just enjoy the scene. Everyone is in a good mood- it’s such a great time. I LOVED, LOVED Wild Willy’s.
Wild Willy's Mammoth Lakes Wild Willy's Mammoth Lakes
The walk to the hot springs. Sooooo enjoyable.

Wild Willy's Mammoth Lakes
Something about drinking wine from the bottle while sitting in that hot spring was super fun and nice.

Wild Willy's Mammoth Lakes

After that full day– you will pass out the second your head hits the pillow.

Wild Willy's Mammoth Lakes