Here’s what pisses me off about teeth. Personally.

I brush multiple times a day and I never forget to floss!

I even use an extra strength fluoride toothpaste that’s expensive as shit and I have to special order it online. (By choice, I know… still an annoyance!)

I take GREAT care of my teeth and yet I still get cavities! WTF.

And then I have friends that brush a simple, standard twice a day and barely ever floss. And they don’t get cavities. Ever. Well….YET. Muahaha. Kidding. I’m so jealous, that’s the truth.

Besides my fancy toothpaste and no fail regimen- I wondered what else I could be doing that would/might help make my teeth stronger. Because why not?

Cavities are expensive as f*ck.  Root canals are even worse! And people, even if you don’t have anything going on with your teeth yet, shit will start hitting the fan with old age. Prepare thyself, friends!

So according to my research (here is where I say I’m not an expert, do your own homework, consult your doctor)….but *ahem*… according to my research!

Here are some things we can do to keep our teeth strong:

1. Use mouthwash every time after eating, even if it’s just water.
Swish something around after you’ve eaten something, especially something sugary. Ideal would be brushing and flossing too, but during a busy day- mouthwash or even swishing around water will help get rid of extra sticky residue. (ew.)

2. Increase production of saliva
It helps remove any sugar coating on your teeth. One way of doing that? Chew on sugar free gum.
“But that causes bloating!” yeah, yeah. I’ll sacrifice.

3. Rinse after candy sweets, but don’t brush yet
Wait an hour because sugar can be super acidic, and you don’t want to grind all that bad stuff into your teeth by brushing too soon. Let your mouth take time to use its own defenses first (saliva). Rinse right away, wait to brush. Cynthia’s dentist recently just told her this too– we eat a lot of candy. 😉 [Source for 1-3]

4. Buy fancy ass fluoride toothpaste
Helps with sensitivity and more intelligently deposits: (their words, not mine!) Fluoride, phosphate, and calcium to the tooth. All things that help strengthen it. But be aware, some people argue that fluoride is bad for you. So pick your side 😉

5. Try oil pulling to help fight against plaque
And bad breath. Again, ew. Haha. Yeah yeah oil pulling was so trendy last year. I’m aware! But I actually half-assed practiced this last year for the whole summer and I swear to G, ask my close girlfriends, I said that I actually felt like it made my teeth feel stronger. Placebo effect? Maybe. But I had no cavities my next check up and that had been the only thing I had switched up. So I don’t know y’all! Could be the real deal! 😛 Coconut and Sunflower is supposedly the best for teeth. Just FYI.

6. Put activated charcoal on your teeth. Insane but effective?
It whitens your teeth. It helps pull toxins from your mouth. Would be a double whammy on top of oil pulling! Actual instructions: “Buy the activated kind that comes in capsules. Open one up and pour the contents onto a damp toothbrush. Brush your teeth and let it sit for a few minutes. Yes, your teeth will turn very, very black. No, it’s not permanent. Rinse thoroughly when you’re done.”

7. Take some Vitamin D3
It’s great for tooth health. There was a study of 24 clinical trials (1920-1989) that claimed getting enough D3 in your diet could prevent tooth decay up to 50%. Obviously try to get it through your diet (salmon, eggs, mushrooms… supposedly.) But actual vitamins work too. I’m getting the vitamins. #lazy

What tips do you guys have?!

Katey Yurko
Katey || INFP || Founder/Director of Violet Fog ||

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Katey Yurko

Katey || INFP || Founder/Director of Violet Fog ||

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