People. I love love love to camp.

And now you know what I also love love love to do now? GLAMP.

Glamping… is the shit. It was my first experience and definitely won’t be my last. You get to be out in nature and stay in a warm tent that’s all decorated with a big cozy bed. With gorgeous views and hot outdoor showers. There’s other perks too depending on where you stay.

My friend Kerrie surprised me with a glamping trip for 2 nights at this place near Sea Ranch on the Sonoma/Mendo Coast. It’s put on by the most amazing company called Terra Glamping. (“Amazing” is understating it by the way.) Oh and just FYI, this is definitely NOT sponsored… I just highly recommend this experience for something different and fun. I stepped foot on the site and within 5 seconds was like, ummm I have to write about this place. HAVE TO! It’s that cool.

It’s ran by this awesome couple who pulls out the stops for the guests. They are great, great glamp hosts let me tell you. They are fun, attentive, laid-back and have divine taste. Everything is photo worthy and the little touches throughout the site are so charming and sweet. From the delicious breakfasts in the morning to the light up pathways at night to the peppermint tea tree shampoos and conditioners… this place rocks. And it’s decorated SO CUTE. Plus you get s’mores every night around a camp fire… yusssss! S’mores are basically an essential for these kind of trips. Just saying.

Hands down though, this was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. Y’all gotta experience it if you can!

BFF Roadtrip California at 6.33.45 PM
The drive we took from San Francisco to Sea Ranch area was about 3.5 hours… granted me made a few scenic stops along the way. Terra Glamping provides the exact location upon booking. It’s pretty out there but not too out there if that makes sense.

(See our whole Highway 1 road trip itinerary here!)

Highway 1 BFF Road trip 4
Kerrie exploring one of the scenic stops we made along the way.

Glamping road trip
Highway 1 is just so so beautiful. 

Glamping Road Trip 1
Another random spot! You’ll want to stop multiple times!

….And then we arrived at the Terra Glamping glamp site and our hearts basically just fell out of our butts we were SO EXCITED. The beauty of this place, overlooking the ocean… it’s insane!!

Glamping Road Trip 2
Ahhhh! <3

Terra Glamping 5
This was our tent! How perfectly quaint and cozy is this?!

Terra Glamping 6
A neighbor’s tent. They have 10 tents total– all with different themes inside!

Terra Glamping 7
n our humble abode we’d read, have dance parties over looking the ocean on our little deck. Brought in our cooler for snacks and cold beer… which the hosts even helped us lugg from the car to the tent. They are SO sweet I’m telling you. Good people.

Terra Glamping Review
ueen size bed with down comforters, a dresser to unpack your clothes in, a giant rug, bedside tables, a little desk… this “tent” was unreal.

Terra Glamping 10
It opened up to suuuuch a badass view. It almost didn’t feel like real life!

Terra Glamping 9
Instant happiness here.

And P.S- there is no wifi or plug in spots BUT there is almost full cell service for both AT&T and Verizon. Which is a great thing if you have to reachable (like I did) or need to answer an email or two. Hopefully you can just zen out though!

Terra Glamping 8
How sweet is it that they knew it was my birthday upon arriving? I mean I know Kerrie told them but they didn’t have to do this– the gesture just made us feel even more welcome. And yes, the cupcake was gone in 3-2-1.

Terra Glamping Review 1
The “glampground” is the cutest thing ever. Just beautiful all around. There’s hot water showers that are outside (covered, obviously) and are sooo refreshing. We’d eat breakfast and then take one and then be on our merry way before returning at night for a campfire and S’mores!

Terra Glamping 13
They have everything you could need here. SPF, bug spray, portable chargers, glasses for your wine! Zomg. It’s just fabulous.

Terra Glamping 11
Yes that is a plush couch just overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the middle of nowhere like it ain’t no thang. Gangsta right?! 😉

Terra Glamping Review
Where the S’more magic happens!

Glamping road trip 6
 didn’t capture everything– because I think this place is truly so special that if you ever go you should have an element of surprise, but if you go I promise you’ll find it worthwhile! You can book for as low as $250 a night and they are a 7 days/7 nights type ordeal so they keep dates flexible! We went on a Sunday-Tuesday. More info on Terra Glamping here.

As for things to do during the day (this post is much more in depth) there’s a multitude of things to do. If you want to go the more relaxing route, we’d suggest…

Glamping road trip 5
Stopping by Glass Beach for beautiful beach lookouts and duh, all the cool sea glass!

Glamping Roadtrip 8

Sweetwater Gardens Mendocino 4
Getting a sauna/spa soak on at Sweetwater Gardens for just $12 in Mendocino. (About 1-1.5 hours away and with many optional fun stops along the way.)

Glamping roadtrip
Stopping in Point Arena (a half hour out) for some bomb clam chowder at the Pier Chowder House and Tap Room.

The Nectary The Barlow
A stop in Sebastapol off Highway 116 on your way home! Go to The Barlow— an open air marketplace with breweries, art galleries, bomb food and desserts, specialty stores… and my new favorite juice shop: The Nectary!

Highway 1 Road trip 5

All in all… Glamping is one heck of an experience. I’m so grateful Kerrie took me! If you ever try Terra Glamping, tell the hosts I said hello from The Violet Fog! I’ll be dreaming of when I can go back again!

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