Updated for 2019.

Going Plant Based For The Benefits

I made a huge life change in September of 2017. I went PLANT BASED. Well…. about 95% plant-based. I still use honey. I still take collagen daily. And if I find myself in a position where someone cooked me a meat-based meal or something with dairy in it.. I’m eating it. If I deny myself ALL THE TIME, I’m not sticking with anything. I need to be practical here. I also like to be included in really special meals.

But besides that… TOTALLY plant-based.

I gave up dairy in 2015 because it was causing flare-ups with my eczema.  I even try to avoid candy that has dairy in it. Every once in a blue moon if they don’t have plant-based milk for coffee creamer, I’ll take regular creamer. I’m very strict- but I try not to be PSYCHO, you know?

Meat was a hard one for me to give up. I’m worried about the studies that show, over time, eating meat can cause artery blockage build up. I worry that most of the animals are eating foods that aren’t great for my body. I’ve also studied how diet can impact depression- something I’ve dealt with over half my life. I’ve read studies that show a correlation between gut health and mental health. As I’m currently going through the process of rebuilding my good bacteria in my gut (nearly from scratch) I figured, and was told by my functional medicine Doctor, that a plant-based diet is a way to go for me.

Before this I made the change to a fully plant based diet back in 2017, I ate meat ~1-2X a week. Not a ton, but routinely. I’d eat chicken, turkey, and steak. OMG I love steak… and miss it.

Since I have gone mainly plant-based, the BIGGEST improvement I have seen in my health is that I am WAY LESS BLOATED. I notice a significant difference. It’s crazy!! I didn’t realize how much meat makes me bloat. But holy shiz, once I realized that… I really don’t want to go back to meat for that reason alone. I used to feel bloated all the time.

Going plant-based, when you don’t cook (or don’t have time to)… can be hard. The first 8 months I had a subscription to Thistle (San Francisco) and I gotta say, it made life sooooo much easier. So easy to stay on track!

It saves me time! Grocery store trips have scaled down greatly.

Not to mention all the nutrition I was getting– Thistle is so dang fresh and has such a variety with the vegetables they use. I loved them because this company aligns perfectly with exactly what I want to write about: efficient, healthy, affordable.

I am telling you about Thistle because I’m just being honest about my journey. I really did have it easy in the beginning.

Now I cook everything! And you know what? It’s equally as pleasing to me.

The Very Beginning of going Plant-Based

The first three months I thought, MAN… a meat-free, dairy-free diet is HARD. It made me sad that that is what I had to give up to feel extra healthy. But as time went on, my taste buds adjusted and soon I found I was REALLY enjoying the benefits and actually craving this delicious, colorful, plant-based food.

Here is what I used to get with Thistle. Many of these meals I have recreated on my own today!

Thistle Review 1
The gold carrot muffin was sooo moist. I loved when this was included in the delivery! Now I make something similar– and I don’t have to feel guilty about all the plastic waste either.

Thistle Review 2
Every meal was labeled with complete transparency, which I appreciated so much. I learned a lot about ingredients this way.

Thistle Review 3
This would be one delivery for two days! TONS of food. Their salads are SO BIG. But like I said– I am SO grateful to not be wasting that much plastic anymore. They are an ALMOST perfect company (in my eyes) if not for the waste.

Thistle Food Delivery 5
Going plant-based has made me try foods I never tried before! It has made my kitchen cleaner. It has made me get more creative when cooking. I just love all of it.

My Top 5 Benefits of Eating Plant-Based:

1. Feel lighter on your feet, more energy
2. A chance to really heal and nurture your gut and liver
3. Less unknown toxins going into your body, thus less inflammation
4. A chance to better support local farmers
5. More vibrant, glowing skin

Thistle Review 4
Thistle also got me on the train of drinking healthier coffee, ones that are tested to not have toxic mold. And to drink green juices! These days, we have our own juicer. We drink celery juice every morning! It’s the BEST for liver health.

Thistle Review 5
Green AF.

Thistle Review 6
That right there is a meal that makes me drool. Two years ago I would have never said that! I perhaps would have enjoyed it, ate it here and there… but never craved it more than say, pasta or burritos.

Thistle Review 7
One of their breakfast scrambles! Doesn’t that look like eggs!? IT’S NOT. It’s tofu.

Thistle Review 8
The avo-chocolate pudding was always a hit. To this day I am trying to recreate it and make it PERFECT.

Thistle Food Delivery 2 Thistle Food Delivery 1
I eat a LOT of quinoa and fiber-filled pasta!


Any of you guys jump on Plant-Based bandwagon lately? It’s not for everyone. Share your thoughts Violet Foggers! xx